James LaFond reviews FerFAL’s “Modern Survival Manual”

I read this book about 12 years ago during the Minority Mortgage Meltdown of 2006 when I realized the United States is not being run for Americans nor are things going to get better.  There are many parallels between the United States and Argentina.  FerFAL’s book is one of very few in this genre that give accurate survival information.  For example, he pours cold water on the idea of a rural bugout.  Instead, he says that things will go on as before, just worse.  You will need to use your personal network to provide safety from criminals and extract yourself from entanglements with the government which doesn’t do much about the criminals but grows more rapacious.  Bad times have a way of bringing out the worst in bad people, so know and surround yourself with good people.  He also discusses finance: how to store money when the banks have become unreliable and inflation is so bad you can’t store wealth in the local currency.  He wrote this before cryptocurrencies existed.  I think stablecoins may offer some alternatives to storing wealth as gold.

Case study in Christian resistance: China

The Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping is displaying a level of paranoia that suggests it is highly unstable.  China is deploying a social-credit system straight out of “Black Mirror” designed to track and rate all of your movements using 400 million cameras, internet browsing data, social media data, and card transactions.  They can stop anyone they want from buying a train ticket, buying property, getting a job, or having a bank account.

Revelation  13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

They expect to deploy this system by 2020.  It seems many Chinese support it.  Obviously, Christians and other dissidents will be persecuted by this system.  In fact, the government already has increased persecution of Christians.  They recently arrested 100 Christians from a Chengdu Reformed Church including the pastor and other churches in the presbytery.

Li Yingqiang, the sole Early Rain church elder not in custody, told me that when he heard that the police were coming after Early Rain, he shut off his phone, arranged for another family to take care of his children, and went into hiding. After he left his house, police broke down his door, and Li believes they have detained his wife.

He noted that the church had created plans in case of a government raid such as this, but they could not be carried out because nearly all the church staff had been taken at once. “My feelings are complicated,” he said Monday as he realized he was the only one left.

No one in the Western church plans for things like this.  I don’t even know who I would give my children to should the government decide to haul me off to jail for attending church since the only people nearby who I would trust with my kids go to the same church.

The police have also visited the parents of students at the school, forcing them to send their kids to public schools. The wife of Matthew Su, one of the elders who had been taken, said that at 4 a.m. on Monday, two women from the Ministry of Education showed up at her apartment and told her she needed to send her two oldest children to the local public elementary school. She declined, saying, “You’ve told us, thank you. We will not go. If you want to arrest their parents then arrest us.”

Instead of complaining about indoctrination by the public schools, the Chinese church actually worked together and created an affordable school then defied authorities when they demanded that their children attend.   We keep complaining about our public schools but enrollment in Christian schools keeps declining.  What if we tried working together?

The pastor of the Reformed Church in Chengdu used a proxy to publish a brilliant letter he wrote in anticipation of being arrested.  I encourage you all to read it.

Historically, Christians have been a despised people.  Jesus warned that since the world hated him, it would hate his followers (John 15:18).  Christians have historically put up with much at the hands of governments and the world around them repaying insults and violence with kindness and prayer.  There are cases where physical self-defense is warranted, but it depends on the circumstances.  As Bill Lind reminds us, the Moral and Mental levels of war are far greater than the Physical level.   Above them all is the Spiritual level where our prayers are effective and Jesus has already overcome.  These Christians in China definitely need your prayers and calls to your senator, congressman and the president.  As Christianity collapses in the West, I suspect we will need the prayers of Chinese Christians shortly.

If you want to save the country, go to church

In a letter to a Massachussetts militia in 1798, the Christian Founding Father John Adams famously said,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

By this, he means that the free people of the United States had to be moral and religious to self-regulate so that the government does not have to regulate them.  As the Bible and RC Sproul explain, government is a necessary evil because man is evil.  The first duty of government is to restrain evil – to be a “terror to those who do wrong.”  It follows that a moral and religious people – a Christian people – are less evil and therefore need less regulation.  Is it any wonder that post-Christian America is so heavily-regulated?  Is it any wonder managerial class and elites believe that the Constitution gives the people too much power and to little to themselves?  Isn’t there a grain of truth in what they are saying? Don’t wicked people need a boot stomping their faces forever?  A moral and religious people, on the other hand, can justly ask their government, “Why are you enslaving us when we only want the freedom to worship and the right to defend ourselves and our families and communities and the right to be left alone?”  This becomes the basis for a moral resistance to tyrants.  Since morality or ethics typically comes from religion, it stands to reason that the battle must first be won on Sunday morning if it is to be won anywhere else and we are losing the battle.    I will go further to say that there will be no “new dawn” of Western civilization without good people in good churches.  As Melanie Phillips argues, “The attack on Western civilization, at its most profound level, is an attack on the creed that lies at the very foundation of that civilization. That creed that must be eliminated is that of the first line of the Apostles Creed: ‘I believe in God the Father Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.'”  But most Christian churches need no help from the Left in eliminating the Creed nowadays.

Of Americans that say they are Christian, many attend worship sporadically at best and are not members of a congregation.  If you say you are a Christian but do not go to church and are not members of the visible body, I have bad news for you: the Christian church has always maintained that there is ordinarily no salvation outside the visible church.  This means that you are either in the visible church or the outer darkness.  The Reformers went further to distinguish true visible churches from false churches such as the Roman Catholic Church on the basis of their preaching of the gospel, administration of the sacraments, and practice of church discipline.  This does not mean that you are saved on the basis of church attendance, but that your regular attendance and membership in a true, visible church is evidence of your salvation and your lack of evidence and attendance is evidence to the contrary.  The gospel is preached in the visible church.  Your Christian brothers are in the visible church.  Further, Americans used to speak well of each-other by saying, “He attends church every Sunday.”  In early America, there were even Sabbath-day laws preventing you from doing much else besides going to church on Sunday.  For example, you could be arrested for travelling on Sunday.  How far are we from that these days?

To go to a good church, you must be able to distinguish good from bad.  It starts with picking a church with good preaching.  The precursor to good preaching is extensive public Bible reading of the Old and New Testaments of the text to be preached.  If the text is Old Testament, there should be a reading of the New Testament fulfillment of the Old Testament text.   It is much easier to distinguish good preaching from bad if you already know doctrine and have spent years listening to good preaching.  Good preaching “rightly divides” the sermon into law and gospel and explains the text in a lectio continua series of sermons that preach through a book in the Bible and find Christ in the whole Bible.  Most “Christian” sermons these days are an exposition on the Law to make you a more moral person.  However, no one is good but God alone, and the only way to be right with Him is through his Son Jesus Christ.  This is basic Christianity, and it’s largely absent in “Christian” churches nowadays.  In fact, most “Christian” sermons in the United States could be preached in a Jewish synagogue, meaning they’re not Christian at all.  So the strongest requirement of a sermon is that it is Christian.

Once you find a Christian church that preaches a Christian sermon on Sunday morning, the next step is evaluating if the sermons stick to a text and come to a point.  Just as a book of the Bible is organized into (non-inspired) sub-titles that form distinct lines of thought, a sermon should be organized the same way.  The best way to understand this concept is to listen to good preaching.

After you’ve established that you will hear words of life on Sunday morning, you also want to ensure that the sacraments are administered properly.  This is a very contentious issue between Baptists and Calvinists and Lutherans.  Basically, are they having the Lord’s Supper regularly?  Are converts being baptized?  If you’re a Calvinist or Lutheran, are infants being baptized also?

Finally, are there any discernible moral problems in the church?  Are people divorcing or sleeping-around?  Is there a lack of fellowship and brotherly love?  If so, pick another church.  You are trying to go through life with these people and they can either help you or hinder you.  It’s highly possible, even likely, that a church with great doctrine and proper administration of the sacraments is devoid of love and Christian fellowship, like the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2.  I have discovered the hard way that these churches should be avoided at all costs.  You’ll know what type it is if people try to talk to you before and after the sermon when you visit and if they invite you for a meal.  Many large evangelical churches, despite having outwardly-friendly people, lack fellowship also because the people attend because large churches are a good place to be anonymous.  They see church as just a check in the box during the week and have plans on Sunday afternoon such as working or taking their kids to a club sporting event.

Having established a way of discerning good churches from bad, let me suggest some conservative denominations because it’s much harder to find a good non-denominational evangelical church if you have no experience hearing good preaching and you don’t know doctrine.  Conservative Calvnist denominations have organized mostly under the umbrella of the NAPARC.     The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is a conservative offshoot of the liberal mainline church that began in 1936.  It was started by J. Gresham Machen who was the main defender of Christian orthodoxy against Fosdick and other liberals.  The OPC churches can be doctrinally pure but lacking in love depending on your location.   The denomination grows at roughly 2% per year, most of the churches are less than 100 members, and it seems to have trouble retaining its children.  The PCA is another offshoot of the liberal mainline PCUSA.  It split-off much later and it shows in the differences between the conservative congregations and the liberals.  It is undergoing its own internal battle with SJW liberalism and may be headed for another schism.  This was the denomination of the late, great RC Sproul.  The Bible Presbyterian Church is worth checking out.  I’ve had the best results with the URCNA, which is an offshoot of the liberal CRC.  On a case-by-case basis, the EPC churches can be good.  This is the denomination of Andrew Brunson, the missionary to Turkey who was just released from prison.

On the Lutheran side, the LCMS seems to be in the same situation as the PCA with some congregations wanting to go liberal and others holding fast to the faith.  I’ve visited a couple LCMS churches and was impressed, though the ones on the West Coast are in the same situation as the Calvnist churches: the members are old and the kids have left for other states or have left the faith.  More on this later.  The WELS is much smaller than the LCMS but more conservative.  The ELS is also good.  As a Calvinist for 18 years, I have far less experience with Lutheranism but am impressed by the conservative Lutheran churches I’ve been to.  Many of them also have Christian classical schools with real Lutheran distinctives.  The Calvinists (Presbyterians, Reformed) typically don’t have Christian schools even though the URCNA claims to promote Christian education.  The public schools used to be basically Calvinist since the Pilgrims landed so the Presbyterians have had a hard time accepting that it’s mostly time to leave them.

Above all, avoid the mainline strains of Lutheranism  – the ELCA – and Calvinism – the PCUSA.  I am not a Baptist and don’t know anything about Baptist churches in the USA.


The NuMale Evangelicals

Dalrock’s new post is about Matt “Mad Dog” Chandler, one of the next wave of evangelical leaders who, like Russell Moore and Al Mohler and Tim Keller, just want a place at the table.

Russell Moore: influence, thought leader, and humble supplicant
Russell Moore knows what’s right for you, bigots.

These men began pushing their agenda of feminism, racial social justice, and homosexualism in an era when it was politically-expedient to do so: during the Obama administration.  Recall that President Obama was no friend of evangelicals or even the Christian church.  His administration sued an ELCA “Christian” school for discriminating against a lesbian in employment even though school employees are officers of the church.  He lost 7-2 in the Supreme Court.  He filed amicus briefs on behalf of the homosexuals in the Obergefell case – the “Roe v. Wade” of our lifetime that was immediately used against Christian bakers in Oregon and Colorado.  Once homosexuality was codified into law, the Obama administration moved onto transgenderism.  There are now boys using girls’ bathrooms in public schools endangering our daughters.

Though Russell Moore and other “Gospel” Coalition lackies have had a place at the table, their influence on behalf of the church and culture has either been nothing or negative.  Worse, it could be that these men are in favor of the new radicalism.  Proofs to this effect are now offered.  Consider their embrace of Anglican minister Sam Alberry – another homosexualist out of the UK.  The word “Anglican” should raise red flags in the mind of any believing Christian in this age.   The apostate imbecile Rowan Williams  was archbishop of Canterbury for 10 years until 2012.  The heretic NT Wright is another prominent bishop in the Anglican church.  Bishops and the archbishop are the guys in charge and they don’t believe the basic tenets of Christianity, so “Gospel” Coalitioners would be wise to avoid the entire church.  Instead, they’re promoting Sam Alberry.  His destructive doctrine is documented on Rev. Shawn Mathis’ blog here  and here (read the comments).  The “Gospel” Coalition is even promoting a children’s book that promotes homosexuality.  Since transgenderism seems to follow homosexuality, I can only believe their next campaign will be the promotion of “loving transgenders in the church” contra Paul who mandated strict gender roles in the church.

The evangelical NuMale war on gender proceeds on all fronts.  It is also feminist.  Here Matt Chandler is Stonewall Jackson to the Lee of Mohler and Moore.  Chandler wants men to “man up” while removing all of the reasons and moral authority men use for doing so.  Chandler is a pastor in Austin TX, so he must be giving his audience what it wants, which isn’t Christianity or Christian gender roles.

Christianity is largely not preached by megachurch men with big platforms such as the “Gospel Coalition” who want influence in the culture.  Subsequent posts will discuss how to find a Christian church where pastors stick to Christianity.  These types of churches – I warn you – require you to die to yourself and sacrifice the entertainment and sensuality you find at megachurches run by NuMales.  However, you may be saved if you attend a real church and you will be saved if you believe the gospel preached therein.

Case Studies, Combatives, and Resistance

I am a huge fan of James LaFond who writes history, historical fiction, and on other topics like combatives, cultural resistance, and case studies of criminal predation and aggression from personal experience living in Baltimore (Bodymore, Murdaland).  He has been a great help to me in shoring-up my confidence to handle a rainbow coalition of marijuana traffickers who moved-in two houses down whose landlords are in Shanghai.  I wrote to ask James about his work:

You have 16 pages of books on Amazon.  I only own 3 of them: The Violence ProjectDon’t Get Boned, and When You’re Food.
I’d love to know which fall into the category of case studies/after action reports like Don’t Get Boned and When You’re Food.  These types of books are extremely valuable for avoidance of violence.  Your readers can recall how you handled urban yoof from memory when confronted by similar problems.  When you advised me on how to handle those yoof ogling my wife, I wish I’d just read more of these types of books beforehand.  These are books about the moral and mental levels of war.  As John Boyd and Bill Lind remind us, the moral and mental levels of war are higher than the physical level and are thus more important.  Winning on the moral and mental level keeps you out of jail.
The Violence Project is about the physical level.  THis is the best book I’ve read on this topic, and I’ve read Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung.  Which other books are about the physical level: fighting itself?  Since this book also contains information about the stick and knife, do your readers also need the books about agonistics, stick fighting, etc?  THe modern term for this category is combatives.
Which books are about cultural resistance?  This is a topic of my blog.
What other categories are needed? 
I don’t have enough room on my shelf for all of them, but the books on the case studiescombatives, and resistance are the most important to me right now.
James’ editor replied that she created a bookstore on his blogspot site.  James replied as follows.

We have broader categories on the BlogSpot bookstore, so let me try and target the three categories you are looking for.

The hybrid book that falls into all categories is Let the Weak Fall, which is half how to and half what happens.

For cultural resistance I would recommend Alienation Nation from the Harm City Category and everything in the Masculinity Category.



For what I call fractional autonomy information on anarcho-tyranny in Baltimore, that is all of my Harm City stuff beginning with War Drums in 2015.

Harm City


For empty hand and weapons go with The Punishing Art and Twerps, Goons and Meatshields as a how to fight text.

My three how to fight/combatives books, reference the two how to fight titles and are divided into ring, cage, duel and street segments and are:

-Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

-The Combat Space [in editing process]

-On Combat [my final combatives title headed to the editor next week]



Basically how the library evolved from The Fighting Edge and Logic of Steel [comprising the Violence Project] and the Logic of Force [rolled into Let the Week Fall] was into the Harm City urban journaling category and the how to fight category, with some titles written to link the two back up, such as Let the Weak Fall and being a Bad Man in a Worse World.

For case studies of avoidance I recommend:

-When You’re Food: Raw [if you bought the first edition let me know and I’ll send you the Raw PDF]

-Waking Up In Indian Country

-Thriving in Bad Places

-Autumn in a Dying City [banned]

-Winter in a Dying City [pending]

-Harm City to Chicongo [the final Harm City title, pending editorial process]



Bone strikes

Never punch with a closed fist in a street fight.  You will break your hands.  I have done it.  Instead, bone strike.  Combine this with The Fence when you can’t talk your way out of a situation you failed to avoid.  The Fence is effective.  I have used it.  Bad people sense your line in the sand.

Since combatives are way more important tactically than gun fighting, I will be writing more about them in upcoming posts.

The Truth Shall Make You Free

We live in a post-truth society.  Consequently, lies are all around us.  The first step in organizing for a greater purpose is deception detection: recognizing liars.   Otherwise, your group is vulnerable to infiltration.  We know that the elites don’t want us to have the freedom of association unless it’s within the confines of their Antifa groups, but cooperation is how things get done.

If you can’t afford to travel to Arizona to take a classroom course, online training is also available.