The Coming Crackup of the US V

Part IV. Last time, I stated I would explain the character of the judgment likely to befall the US which – when compared to previous generations – seems to be experiencing a lifting of all restraints. This is very consistent with Romans 1:28-32:

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, ]sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

Isn’t this the modern United States in sum? The judgement on our specific sins is always more of the sin. Are we promiscuous? Expect more promiscuity. Are we adulterous? Expect more. Families breaking down? Well, out-of-wedlock births have skyrocketed over the past 100 years, so expect the trend to continue. Infanticide? If we don’t love our children, expect more infanticide and low birth rates. American fertility is about as bad as Europe’s. To the extent our birthrates are maintained, it’s by immigrants who are quickly replacing Anglo-American culture with their own. Homosexuality? How about a gay president? Open borders? How about loss of the Southwest to Mexico? Failure to maintain law and order? Expect more and worse crime. Look around at all the negative trends you see and extrapolate in two ways: more and worse.

Ultimately, this ends in some type of quickening erasure of the United States which can’t survive the loss of Anglo-American Protestant culture. The elites will continue their insurgency to attempt to solidify their position at the top. In most ways, they’ve already entered the Brave New World with their lifestyle of jet-setting, promiscuity, and being waited-on by the lower castes who come from foreign countries. Like Brave New World, they’re attempting to control reproduction with artificial wombs and human genetic engineering for the rich and Planned Parenthood for everyone else. Remember: they’ve resorted to involuntary sterilization in the past. They just have to get the rest of the US and Western lower classes into the caste system.

What can we do about all this? Refuse to play their game and return to the ways of the past while using new technologies wisely to make yourself and your household more productive. The Westphalian world order is dying and we will have to persevere during this turbulent period just as our ancestors did during difficult times in the past. The first way you can do this is to be a masculine man, attract a woman, and have a family. Elite-aspirants generally don’t have kids because they’re working too hard to get to the top. Over time, they’ll simply die out. This has happened countless times throughout the centuries. Barbara Tuchman noted in “A Distant Mirror” that noble households disappeared after a time despite nobles’ attempts to preserve them. Are the Houses of Coucy, Bourbon, or Guise still in existence? No, thank God.

The second thing to do is prevent the elites from expropriating your children through atheistic , cultural-Marxist indoctrination. Teach them from the Bible every day, bring them to a good church such as one of the conservative offshoots of the mainline Calvinist (OPC, PCA, URCNA), Lutheran (LCMS, WELS), and Anglican/Episcopalian (ACNA) churches, and catechize them. If your child must attend public school (mine do), know that the system is collapsing financially, morally and academically. Morally, government statistics demonstrate that your child has a 1 in 10 chance of experiencing sexual misconduct by someone working at the school and a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing violence. The violence statistics are worse in California or states with high Latino or black populations. Every study I’ve seen confirms this. The Left is normalizing pedophilia, so sexual misconduct will be defined away and make it impossible to punish pedophiles. Numerous states are pushing transgender education on students as young as kindergarten and of course the laws are being changed so parents have no say in whether their kids can pursue hormone treatments and gender re-assignment. Financially, 75% of California’s school districts are underwater due to pension obligations. Many school districts around the country are in a similar situation. In fact, whenever a politician says we need to increase funding for schools, not a dime more will be spent on children. All the money will go to pay teacher retirement benefits. Academically, only roughly a third of students are proficient in reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic by the 8th grade. My observation is that the output of the public school system academically depends on the inputs of children. The inputs have gone way down in quality due to bastardy, single motherhood, and low IQ immigration. The time to find alternatives to the public system was yesterday.

This leaves two options: private schooling and home schooling. Homeschooling can work if done properly and the child and parents are suited to it, though the results are not as great as they’re made to be and sometimes downright horrifying as I’ve seen with my own eyes. Homeschooling fits some situations, budgets, parents, and children but is definitely not for everyone and not a Biblical mandate. Private schools teach the middle and right half of the curve.  We have data, for example, that private Catholic schools far outperform the public schools. The conservative Lutheran churches like the LCMS and WELS have very affordable schools. Some of the URC churches do as well. More children in the private education system means more economies of scale and lower costs for everyone. Your children are taught with their peers by full-time teachers. If you can swing it, this is the way to go.

Finally, whether or not we have families, we must work at making our households productive again since the corporate globohomo “democratic” system is unstable and can collapse at any time for a variety of predictable reasons such as the global debt crisis or declining competence and unpredictable reasons like pandemics and natural disasters. Start making your house productive by growing at least some of your food, even if you’re only growing potatoes in buckets at the start. If you want, you can gradually make this a side-business like growing microgreens, mushrooms, meat rabbits, chickens, goats and even a small nursery. Not everyone is ready for full-time business ownership, but everyone should have a side-gig. Side-gigs do not have to be agricultural, of course. In fact, it’s probably a bad way to make money until you have some experience. The best side gig is using a skill or equipment you already have. There are numerous resources on how to begin a side hustle, but here are a few: Side Hustle School, Side Hustle Nation, and the Art of Manliness series on side hustles.

All of the above are what we must work towards if we’re to move the future in the direction of greater freedom, community and prosperity, regardless of what happens to our government or nation. Do what you can and leave the results to God. Think local; act local.

Update: More resources on small business creation: (1), (2), (3) and (4). It increasingly looks like these urban megalopolises allow for ease but make family formation very difficult and starting a business difficult as well. There are more people in cities but the quality of human capital is quite low. I’ve resisted the idea of the country for a long time, especially after reading FerFAL’s book on the collapse of Argentina and reading about the farm murders in South Africa. In both cases, rural areas became more dangerous per-capita because there is no one to hear you scream. In Germany, towns are often organized around the four corners of 4 pieces of farmland so that farmers live near each-other but go out to work in their own fields each day. Radio techniques could probably help this situation, as well as video cameras that send images over some of the ham bands.

If my these recommendations sound ultra-vanilla, too bad. Until we can reconstitute the basic building blocks of civilization (faith/churches and family/household) there can be no West. This isn’t 1776. It’s more like the first century described in the book of Acts going towards de-Christianization rather than the other way. Even if this trend were reversed today, remember that “Christianizing” the Roman Empire took about 300 years and even then Christians only became more numerous by outbreeding the Romans who had plummeting fertility. Evangelism works often works only on a very-small scale as evidenced by the book of Acts.

No easy solutions but some good antidotes

Dalrock and Larry Kummer are discussing the breakdown of marriage and family. CR Wiley and Aaron Renn have good antidotes, though they’re not easy solutions. We don’t know all the answers or have the solutions to our current problems. We need to do our duty as a form of piety and slog through until the current order is replaced.

Getting married and raising a family is essential to being a man. It is what we were created for. Given the legal environment, I understand everyone’s hesitation. The truth is that most men will be happier and healthier in a marriage but we have to support our marriages with practices that strengthen it like fitness, alpha frame, and financial success as well as institutions like good churches that support men. All the other societal guardrails have been removed.

There are no easy answers or solutions. “Don’t get married” is also not an easy answer or solution. There are a lot of reasons not to marry but also a lot of reasons to marry.

I’ll give Sir John Glubb the outro:

An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded.

Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed. The disorders following the military takeover in 861, and the loss of the empire, had played havoc with the economy. At such a moment, it might have been expected that everyone would redouble their efforts to save the country from bankruptcy, but nothing of the kind occurred. Instead, at this moment of declining trade and financial stringency, the people of Baghdad introduced a five-day week.

– Sir John Glubb, the Fate of Empires, page 15

Papers from Chengdu Early Rain Church

Remember to pray for Chinese Christians. They are in a very similar situation to the Huguenots between 1500-1700. Chinese Christians are less than 10% of the Chinese population. The same was true for the Huguenots in France. Louis XIX, a wicked man, hounded most of the French Protestants out of France and then repealed the Edict of Nantes. I think Chinese Protestants will leave China if God doesn’t intervene because conditions make it almost impossible for Chinese Christians to meet in secret, unlike the French Protestants 500 years ago. This is happening around China and is not limited to Chengdu. Another church in Beijing is being shut down because the pastor wouldn’t allow the government to install cameras in their church. There are also traitors among the Chinese Christians who deserve your imprecations. The “pastor” addressing the government is explaining the government’s goal: bring every Christian under the lordship of the government’s “3 Self Church,” but only Jesus is Lord. No earthly government has the right to regulate the Christian church in ecclesiastical matters or matters of doctrine.

Lift Weights and Learn Combatives

A retired Oregon cop on James LaFond’s blog describes the mindset of big-city East Coast police. He explains the need for combatives training. James LaFond’s book “The Violence Project” provides the best roadmap for finding real combatives instruction. I supplement his advice with a recommendation to lift weights since strength is worth about a judo brown belt. Cops who lift weights agree with this advice. If I had to pick one thing to do first, it would be to lift weights. It’s much easier to find a barbell and some plates than find a martial-arts coach with real street violence experience. If you’re a young, unmarried man, muscles put you far ahead of your peers with the ladies. They are biologically hard-wired to find healthy-looking, muscular men attractive since it indicates you can procreate and protect. Former athletes are usually good providers too. As the cop on Johnny Pain’s blog explains, there’s less need to escalate to deadly force the bigger and stronger you are. For civilians, this is even more true since you’re not wearing a blue uniform. Solving problems with the minimum of force is the best, most-legal way to go. Further, what if you’re in a situation where you’re not legally allowed to carry or even own a gun, much less use one? You’re not absolved of your duty to protect yourself and others in this situation. Lift weights; learn combatives. Guns for show, knives for a pro.

Aaron Renn on Dean Abbott’s podcast

I started this blog in part so that younger guys can benefit from the lessons I learned the hard way. Today, young men get almost no good advice from their parents and grandparents and all the guardrails of society have been torn down. Life for young men is like driving a high mountain pass at night in the snow with severe – even deadly consequences – for failing to stay on the road. If anyone can learn from me, this blog will have succeeded. People generally do not take advice so I try not to give it unless asked. The internet is kind of a different case: people are on it looking for advice, hence this blog. If more young men manage to succeed, I will be less alone in my efforts to raise a family and have fun with friends. A rising tide raises all boats. What I tend to see most often is groups of unsuccessful men giving each-other advice and reinforcing each-other’s failures and inaction. This is cynicism. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

Aaron Renn has had a very similar experience to mine though I was raised in a Christian home and have only been married once (thank God). In this episode of Dean Abbott’s podcast e describes his approach and enterprise his “Masculinist Newsletter.” One thing he has challenged me to do is stay positive and control what I can. My circle of control is very limited: myself and my family. I have some control over what I do at work because I’m good at it and a respected contributor, though even there what I am asked to work on is the result of broader forces in MegaCorp and the economy. Like the Joker said, “We’re all trying to control our own little worlds.”

Does the tech industry ruin cities?

Seattle, home to Amazon, is dying. So is San Francisco. Both are major tech hubs. Tech brings an inflow of cash that is siphoned-off by bureaucrats and used to keep bureaucrats busy managing vagrants and dope fiends. As more money is spent on vagrants, more come. Seattle is spending at least $1 billion per year on homeless, and unsurprisingly, has a huge homeless problem. San Francisco is spending about $500 million and is also a huge tech hub. Tech workers are mostly bleeding heart liberals with more money than sense. They can write software, but they can’t manage their personal lives nor do they get outside their bubble enough to be competent voters. As tech bubbles collapse cities, there will be fewer cities. This is probably a good thing. Ultimately, the Clinton Archipelago is doomed unless its residents take a big, hard turn to the right.

The Executioner

The ZMan has an intriguing post calling for more capital punishment and expounding its numerous benefits. As a Californian, I can confirm the need for it. Here, the violent and reckless are on a circular conveyor belt through our “justice” system which is resulting in the deaths of Americans like Kate Steinle and even police officers. El Chapo is making a mockery of our “justice” system by asking for a new trial rather than hanging by the neck until dead. He will likely continue to run his criminal organization from prison for the next 10 years until his appeals are exhausted. Then he’ll enjoy 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayer dime reminiscing on the good old days. I fail to see how Mexicans are entitled to due process in the United States at all, especially when they’re here illegally. The God-given, unalienable rights affirmed by our Constitution are benefits for citizens.

God ordained government to keep order by being a terror to wrongdoers through use of the sword (Romans 13). One of the best God-given means of keeping order is capital punishment (Genesis 9:6). Government is supposed to punish criminals with an eye for an eye – a concept known as the Lex Talionis. This is the bedrock upon which government legitimacy rests, in fact.

The ZMan touches on another very important reason for regular and frequent capital punishment. When the violent procreate – and women find violent men very alpha, I assure you – they make our culture more violent and stupid which requires more resources to police. The violent felon down the street from me has 5 kids with many different women.

Lack of capital punishment is only one driver of a society’s intelligence. Darwinist human anthropology blogs would have you believe that IQ is gained over the millennia as Nature selects-out the stupid, though they also admit that civilization itself has a huge effect. We see with our own eyes that the latter (civilization) dwarfs the former (nature) in its effect on IQ and that huge changes can be seen in a single generation. When the Anglo-Americans invaded Texas, they planted more crops, harvested more cotton, and had more children than the Spanish had done in 200 years. This was repeated in California. The results were American Texas and California. California is now a leading example of the process in reverse. For a generation, we’ve imported a foreign population and given it a lot of welfare. In my father’s generation, California had some of the highest test scores and some of the richest people on average. Two generations later, it has some of the lowest scores in the nation and half the nation’s welfare recipients. Meanwhile, the native population failed to have any kids at all. This is now repeating on a national scale. Culture, therefore, might have the largest effect on IQ and its effect is rapid – almost as rapid as war.

Conquering Modernity reviews “Man of the House”

This is a great review of CR Wiley’s “Man of the House” from a unbeliever who is obviously successful and masculine (deep voice, bearded, broad-shouldered). Mid-way through the video, he discloses that CR Wiley is actually a Christian pastor and then says that he wouldn’t have picked up the book if he’d known its author was Christian because of all the cuckery and garbage he’s read by other Christian pastors.

Aaron Renn makes the point all the time that men are becoming disillusioned with the church partially because the advice they’re getting about women and life from pastors is either non-existent or doesn’t match reality. I found this to be true myself. I had to listen to Tom Leykis to understand women and de-program myself from my Evangelical pedestalization of women. The more I inverted the Evangelical pedestalization, the better I did with women, especially Christian women. Its almost like there’s something biologically common about attraction among all women haha! I discovered the “no female friends” rule from Masculinist #3, the hard way.  I had to explain it to my wife when we were dating since she suggested that we just be friends after becoming a bit wary of some of my many shortcomings.  The result? 13 years of marriage and 3 boys.

Is there a better way to deliver advice to Christian men than Tom Leykis or some of these pick up artists? I hope so, but for now I’m going to refer my boys to some of the reformed pick up artists like RooshV when the time comes since I want to have grandchildren. I guess we should ask pastors Anthony Bradley’s questions. Do you want to continue failing men? Aren’t men a “mission field” just as much as women, or “minorities” or rich urban hipsters?

Decline of the nation-state system: Brazil

Goodwhytes in the West whine about guys like Rodrigo Duterte and Bolsinaro failing to understand that the government’s main job is to keep order. In fact, most of a government’s legitimacy hinges on its ability to keep order. Dictators may be bad, but they’re better than anarchy. In Brazil, they have anarchy decades after the end of their military dictatorship. Leftists have been running the country for the last two decades. They’ve banned guns. They’ve enriched themselves. Now the country has a higher murder rate than Syria and gun violence everywhere. Leftists fail to understand that people don’t care about arms restriction laws in places like Mexico and Brazil because they care more about living.

Trans-national 4th Generation Forces

John Robb coined the term “Global Guerrillas” at least 12 years ago as a way of describing trans-national 4th generation forces. These are groups of people motivated by a common cause that isn’t subordinate to a national government. The causes are economic, religious and ideological and are as diverse as man. This phenomenon is expanding from the Global South (the Third World) where states are weak and corrupt to the developed world through immigration, trans-national crime and a supra-national elite.

One recent example of this spread of 4th generation forces is the “Economic Freedom Fighters” in South Africa. They are a Marxist black nationalist group that still blames white Dutch settlers for all their problems. I won’t bother refuting this since the usual source of a man’s problems can be found in the mirror. The EFF is a lot like the Marxist revolutionary groups that operated in Latin America and Africa in the 60s and 70s during the period following the collapse of European colonialism, so we can say that this wave of Marxist 4th generation insurgency is in its 6th decade with no improvement in sight for the people it’s claiming to help. The EFF doesn’t care. Marxism is really about power. To expand their power, they are employing a basic strategy: sow discontent and covetousness among more people. In this case, they’re expanding their franchise to Liberia. Strategy is connecting to as many centers of gravity as possible while disconnecting your enemy from as many as possible. On a basic level, all they’re doing is connecting centers of gravity.

The Suidlanders should learn from the EFF. So far, they’ve been an exclusively white Christian group. There’s nothing wrong with this but half of their problem is other whites: the liberals. Their own race by itself cannot be a center of gravity. They need to look around Africa for like-minded people in a similar situation. Are there such people? There are: Nigerian Christian farmers. “Boer” means “Farmer,” doesn’t it? The Nigerian Christians have lost 100,000 people to Muslim jihadists over the past decade. The Boer has lost roughly the same number of people to black Marxists. Why not work together? The Boers could help the Nigerians with firearms, radio techniques, and publicity. The Nigerian farmers could speak the truth about the EFF and ANC to other South African blacks to sap support for these Marxist black groups. The Nigerians could also provide manpower. At a minimum, both groups could pray for one-another.

This type of cooperation would be mostly based on one of the oldest forms of primary loyalty: religion. I agree with Bill Lind that the emerging era is looking like the 14th century described by Barbara Tuchman in “A Distant Mirror.” Back then, your primary loyalties were broadly religious to Christendom in opposition to Islamdom. They were also regional rather than national. There’s a lesson here for the Globalist Daviosie. They are not aware that in undermining national borders and culture, they are creating a world in which they are in extreme danger. These globalist elites were not raised in the slums of Calcutta or in the opium farming region of Sinaloa like El Chapo. They are not hard men who can defend themselves with their wits and their guns. They need to be defended by the apparatus of individual nation-states. They can hire mercenaries, but over time, these men tend to follow other men who are good with guns like Erik Prince. Men won’t die for Zuckerberg, though they might work for him if they’re paid well and the risks are low. The pay is always much better in the service of El Chapo, though the risks are much higher. Either way, these hothouse flowers of the global Davos-set are in for a rough future.