The Left’s 4GW strategy

I’ve seen very few articles on the Left’s grand strategy.  Most of the right-wing blogosphere over the past 15 years has focused on cuckservative whining about yet-another left-wing outrage.  The Left pushes, they step back,  then they push a little more and a little more.  Now, the culture has become so bad  that public schools are teaching transgenderism to kindergartners.  The Left pushes because pushing works.  They don’t follow the rules because they intend to re-write them anyway.

Rather than continue to loser and whine, let’s examine their strategy and come up with our own.  In Bill Lind’s excellent Victoria, he quotes Colonel John Boyd who said, “Strategy is the art of connecting yourself to as many other power centers (centers of gravity) as possible while separating your enemy from as many power centers as possible.”  He goes on to say, “It was the only definition of strategy I ever heard that meant anything.”  I agree.  If you use this definition of strategy, the Left’s actions make perfect sense.

How the Left connects centers of gravity


As Colonel John Boyd said, “For winning wars, people are most important, ideas come second, and hardware is only third.”

  • Expropriating borgeois (middle, UMC) youth at “universities” with Frankfurt School Marxism.  Only possible if the borgeiosie values (Christianity) has collapsed
  • They import immigrants and tell them that this society is racist.
  • They multiply welfare recipients
  • They elect Congresscritters and steal elections
  • Judges – the judicial system might be the Schwerpunkt (focal point) of their entire strategy.  As I said above, they intend to change the laws to their liking. Leftists love to yell about THE LAW because they want you to follow the laws they change.
  • The cops typically do not agree with the Left’s legislation, but they carry it out because their job is to enforce the law.  Think about that for awhile.  The job is to enforce the law.  If social services tries to take your kids on the basis of a Leftist fabrication, they’re going to get the cops to do it.  The Left’s plans for weapon control work through the cops.  The cops are held captive by their pensions (the golden handcuffs) and salaries.  It could be that there are a great many cops who refuse to carry out the Left’s plans.
  • Bureaucracy – most of the government votes Democrat
  • Media
  • Corporations and their billionaires
  • Hollywood

Total: Half the population or more.  Providentially, aside from the cops who are generally good people in my experience, the quality of the people above is extremely low.  Even when they are specialists in some field that pays them a lot of money, they have no ethics and are useless the minute they step out of the bubble of their specialty.


  • Their ideas are uncomplicated. Read this post on Frankfurt School Marxism. Whenever Larry at Fabius Maximus or Bill Lind talks about the Frankfurt School, trolls come out of the woodwork to call you a conspiracy theorist for talking about the Frankfurt School.  The Frankfurt School was a heavily-Jewish academic movement and Jews are always worried about yet-another pogrom, so it’s understandable that they’d like to suppress knowledge of their movement.


They don’t need much.  Quoting “Victoria” again, “Never fight an enemy  you can destroy without fighting.”


In war, particularly the Left’s war on us, money flows out much fast than it flows in.  This is why the Left never makes money.  They expropriate it from us or rely on benefactors.  Examples include

  • $500 million from Congress for Planned Parenthood even after CMP videos exposed them selling human body parts.  God is patient but his judgment is clearly falling on us for the 60 million babies we’ve murdered since Roe v. Wade.
  • George Soros and other corporate billionaires
  • Corporations themselves, “charities,” NGOs
  • Welfare

How the Left disconnects our centers of gravity


  • Expropriating our youth by indoctrinating them through public “schools” and universities
  • Discouraging us from having children by making family formation less affordable and flooding our neighborhoods with Section-8ers and illegal immigrants.
  • Attacking church
  • Attacking our alternative media (AM radio, Gab), depriving us of Twitter, FB
  • Outlawing lawful assembly or bringing vexatious lawsuits and charges against conservative truth tellers, often using government lawyers.  Remember, the judicial system might be the Schwerpunkt of the Left’s strategy


  • Manufacturing outsourcing
  • Environmental regulations making fishing, logging, mining, construction illegal
  • Taxes
  • Making affordable family formation more expensive

Our Strategy

I have only begun to think about this.  Here are some ideas.

How to connect our own centers of gravity

  • We need to fix our culture by becoming a moral and religious people again.  The culture is the most important aspect of this which is why places like Mexico never improve. Here are some ideas on where to start:
    • Go to church.  God, the Creator of all things, should be our main center of gravity.  God is not some ancient near eastern idol we can call upon to bail us out then put away when not needed.  The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.  If God be for us, who can be against us?
    • Raise a strong family.  4GW is a generational struggle.  Recall that we’ve been fighting Al Qaeda since 2001, which is almost 20 years or one generation.  If civilization is to be recovered, it will take many generations.
    • Start a group with a specific goal.  The Left does this all the time.  They’re constantly organizing.  The Leftists who meet across the street from me seem to enjoy it too.  Everything should be done on a local level.
    • Stop Bowling Alone.  Freedom of assembly is dying more from lack of exercise that anything else.  Practice hospitality.  Invite your neighbors over for barbecues and dinner.  Join analog social media.
  • We need to gain the moral high ground by appearing as victims/weaker party.  The Left has done this since the ’60s and it has worked well.  The moral level of warfare is the most important.
  • Do we need funding?  Do we need our own charities?

Disconnect their centers of gravity

  • Cut them off from students (our children) and money.  Stop sending your kids to their schools.  The Catholic schools are pretty affordable.  The LCMS has fairly-affordable Protestant schools.  Consider that college is an abysmal return on investment, your daughters will not find a good man there, and she may be transformed into someone you don’t recognize after 4 years of indoctrination.  The same is true for your sons.  Only in limited cases like obtaining a STEM degree is college worth it.  Consider getting only an AA degree or trade certificate.
  • Sow division among them.  They talk like MLK but live like the KKK.  Point this out and shriek about it.  It’s getting easier to sow division among Lefists because they are a rainbow coalition of losers with nothing in common.
  • Use civil disobedience.  To paraphrase Bill Lind in “Victoria,” “At the moral level of war, which is the highest level, it often disarms your enemy when you use his tactics against himStart by telling the truth even if it’s costly.  Use your second vote.  It’s definitely working against Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Stop hiring immigrants if at all possible.  Stop eating at restaurants which use tons of illegal immigrants.
  • Get your tax bill as low as possible legally.

Post other ideas in the comments.

Archeofuturistic weapons

The modern firearm is a product of the nation-state.  Machining is hard and requires expensive tools, smart men, and the stability to run a machine shop.  Making barrels is the most difficult part.  It requires boring a straight line for a great distance, reaming, and rifling with some sort of expensive button.  Smokeless powder and bullets are even harder.  Smokeless powder is nitroglycerin-based and requires a complicated and expensive process to manufacture.  Only a few countries in the world have ever designed firearms, and all of these countries are found in the high-IQ regions of the world.  Manufacturing knowledge, while difficult, can be transferred to countries like Brazil and Venezuela.  The latter is entering full-rate production of AK-47s in 2019 after receiving the tooling from Russia which is eager to take advantage of our internal strife by arming our enemies to the south.

Many people are now stockpiling weapons and ammunition.  The problem is that stockpiles won’t help.  The Left intends to limit the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms as much as possible.  Even if you have firearms, where do you practice marksmanship in a gun-controlled environment?  If you practice, how do you replenish your ammunition if the Left is controlling the legitimate sale of it as will be the case in California next year?  If you plan to re-load, where will you get the smokeless powder to do so? In war, especially 4th-Generation war, you always have a logistics problem.  Ammunition is difficult to make and scarce when needed.

Guns and ammunition will never go away, mind you, they will just become extremely expensive for otherwise law-abiding people to buy on the black market.  In Australia, plenty of criminals own guns, they just cost several months’ salary for a Western working man on the black market.  Most people in the Third World live on less than $3 a day meaning black-market guns cost several years’ pay in poor countries. Criminals don’t care about the cost because they get their money through drug sales and robbery and guns are just a cost of doing business.  Mujahideen get all of their money, guns and ammunition from Islamic “charities” or Muslim oil states or sheikhs.  Is it any wonder that all 4th-generation irregular forces in the world today are bad people?

What normal people need is a working firearm that can be cheaply and expediently manufactured and fed with cheap ammunition outside of the government’s control: smooth-bore black-powder weapons.  It’s no wonder this type of weapon was the choice of my favorite post-apocalyptic antihero: Max Rockatansky.  Shotgun shells can be expediently-made of modern materials.  Black-powder and other variants of propellant are as old as the hills can be made more-easily using modern methods using 3 ubiquitous chemicals.  The manufacturing process is far easier than modern ammunition.  Black-powder is more volatile than smokeless powder but burns with a lower peak pressure than nitroglycerin-based smokeless powder, making firearm fabrication easier.

Speaking of firearm fabrication, even a shotgun can be fairly complicated and expensive to make since the metal barrel must be bored and the receiver milled.  Lathes and mills are expensive and probably always will be.  Where else can a piece of metal with a straight hole be found?  Piping.  The weakness of piping is its welded seam.  This can be overcome in two ways: a barrel sleeve (a larger-diameter pipe around a narrower-diameter barrel) and wrapping the barrel in biaxial carbon-fiber fabric impregnated with tooling-resin epoxy.  Carbon fiber fabric is an expensive material, but easy to work with compared to buying a lathe or gun-drill and boring a long hole in round steel stock that you’ve straightened.  It might even be possible to use 10 oz biaxial E-glass or S-glass if carbon fiber can’t be found.  The key is using the right powder load for the strength of the barrel which requires experimentation.

To fabricate the barrel, sand the outside of the pipe with 80-grit sandpaper to make it possible for the epoxy to mechanically-bond to the metal.  Clean with acetone.  Then, insert a dowel into the metal pipe, lay out the fabric on a dirt-free surface, mix the epoxy, and roll it onto the fabric using a 1/8″ low-nap roller.  Then start rolling the wet fabric around the pipe using the dowel like you’d roll paper towels.  You will have to experiment with how much fabric is enough.  Use the equation “enough= plenty.”  More fabric should probably be added where the shell sits in the barrel and is ignited, just like a manufactured shotgun.  When the epoxy has gelled and before it has hardened, mix more epoxy with cabosil and “fill the weave” of the outer layer of fiberglass.  When it dries, sand-out the bumps and rough the whole barrel with 80-grit sandpaper being careful not to sand into the fabric weave.  Coat with a third coat of epoxy and you’re done. The barrel and powder loads could be tested under the pretext of testing model rocket engines or replica smooth-bore cannons.

For receiver fabrication, I recommend Professor Parabellum.  KISS.  The action should be some sort of break-action with a locking level such as your grandfather owned.  The stock can be made of a 2×4 with a jigsaw and a spoke shave.

Proper tactics will be key with this weapon.  You’re not a sniper with it.  This is a close-range personal weapon that gives you the option to run away or close the distance to use a knife at a range of 10-20 yards.  Think of the last battle scene in Master and Commander.  Guns were used to close the distance to sword-fight.  Third worlders use knives and machetes all the time to kill their dinner and each-other.  Knives and machetes are cheap and effective at 0-7 yards where most modern gunfights take place.  So, shotgun in your left hand, bowie knife in your right.  Shoot then close the distance to kill the attackers that haven’t run away.  Presumably, you’re using this in a hallway where attackers can fan-out to shoot at you from different angle.  Choose your terrain wisely and funnel attackers into terrain of your choosing or else run.

Case study in Christian resistance: China

The Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping is displaying a level of paranoia that suggests it is highly unstable.  China is deploying a social-credit system straight out of “Black Mirror” designed to track and rate all of your movements using 400 million cameras, internet browsing data, social media data, and card transactions.  They can stop anyone they want from buying a train ticket, buying property, getting a job, or having a bank account.

Revelation  13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

They expect to deploy this system by 2020.  It seems many Chinese support it.  Obviously, Christians and other dissidents will be persecuted by this system.  In fact, the government already has increased persecution of Christians.  They recently arrested 100 Christians from a Chengdu Reformed Church including the pastor and other churches in the presbytery.

Li Yingqiang, the sole Early Rain church elder not in custody, told me that when he heard that the police were coming after Early Rain, he shut off his phone, arranged for another family to take care of his children, and went into hiding. After he left his house, police broke down his door, and Li believes they have detained his wife.

He noted that the church had created plans in case of a government raid such as this, but they could not be carried out because nearly all the church staff had been taken at once. “My feelings are complicated,” he said Monday as he realized he was the only one left.

No one in the Western church plans for things like this.  I don’t even know who I would give my children to should the government decide to haul me off to jail for attending church since the only people nearby who I would trust with my kids go to the same church.

The police have also visited the parents of students at the school, forcing them to send their kids to public schools. The wife of Matthew Su, one of the elders who had been taken, said that at 4 a.m. on Monday, two women from the Ministry of Education showed up at her apartment and told her she needed to send her two oldest children to the local public elementary school. She declined, saying, “You’ve told us, thank you. We will not go. If you want to arrest their parents then arrest us.”

Instead of complaining about indoctrination by the public schools, the Chinese church actually worked together and created an affordable school then defied authorities when they demanded that their children attend.   We keep complaining about our public schools but enrollment in Christian schools keeps declining.  What if we tried working together?

The pastor of the Reformed Church in Chengdu used a proxy to publish a brilliant letter he wrote in anticipation of being arrested.  I encourage you all to read it.

Historically, Christians have been a despised people.  Jesus warned that since the world hated him, it would hate his followers (John 15:18).  Christians have historically put up with much at the hands of governments and the world around them repaying insults and violence with kindness and prayer.  There are cases where physical self-defense is warranted, but it depends on the circumstances.  As Bill Lind reminds us, the Moral and Mental levels of war are far greater than the Physical level.   Above them all is the Spiritual level where our prayers are effective and Jesus has already overcome.  These Christians in China definitely need your prayers and calls to your senator, congressman and the president.  As Christianity collapses in the West, I suspect we will need the prayers of Chinese Christians shortly.

Case Studies, Combatives, and Resistance

I am a huge fan of James LaFond who writes history, historical fiction, and on other topics like combatives, cultural resistance, and case studies of criminal predation and aggression from personal experience living in Baltimore (Bodymore, Murdaland).  He has been a great help to me in shoring-up my confidence to handle a rainbow coalition of marijuana traffickers who moved-in two houses down whose landlords are in Shanghai.  I wrote to ask James about his work:

You have 16 pages of books on Amazon.  I only own 3 of them: The Violence ProjectDon’t Get Boned, and When You’re Food.
I’d love to know which fall into the category of case studies/after action reports like Don’t Get Boned and When You’re Food.  These types of books are extremely valuable for avoidance of violence.  Your readers can recall how you handled urban yoof from memory when confronted by similar problems.  When you advised me on how to handle those yoof ogling my wife, I wish I’d just read more of these types of books beforehand.  These are books about the moral and mental levels of war.  As John Boyd and Bill Lind remind us, the moral and mental levels of war are higher than the physical level and are thus more important.  Winning on the moral and mental level keeps you out of jail.
The Violence Project is about the physical level.  THis is the best book I’ve read on this topic, and I’ve read Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung.  Which other books are about the physical level: fighting itself?  Since this book also contains information about the stick and knife, do your readers also need the books about agonistics, stick fighting, etc?  THe modern term for this category is combatives.
Which books are about cultural resistance?  This is a topic of my blog.
What other categories are needed? 
I don’t have enough room on my shelf for all of them, but the books on the case studiescombatives, and resistance are the most important to me right now.
James’ editor replied that she created a bookstore on his blogspot site.  James replied as follows.

We have broader categories on the BlogSpot bookstore, so let me try and target the three categories you are looking for.

The hybrid book that falls into all categories is Let the Weak Fall, which is half how to and half what happens.

For cultural resistance I would recommend Alienation Nation from the Harm City Category and everything in the Masculinity Category.


For what I call fractional autonomy information on anarcho-tyranny in Baltimore, that is all of my Harm City stuff beginning with War Drums in 2015.

Harm City

For empty hand and weapons go with The Punishing Art and Twerps, Goons and Meatshields as a how to fight text.

My three how to fight/combatives books, reference the two how to fight titles and are divided into ring, cage, duel and street segments and are:

-Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

-The Combat Space [in editing process]

-On Combat [my final combatives title headed to the editor next week]


Basically how the library evolved from The Fighting Edge and Logic of Steel [comprising the Violence Project] and the Logic of Force [rolled into Let the Week Fall] was into the Harm City urban journaling category and the how to fight category, with some titles written to link the two back up, such as Let the Weak Fall and being a Bad Man in a Worse World.

For case studies of avoidance I recommend:

-When You’re Food: Raw [if you bought the first edition let me know and I’ll send you the Raw PDF]

-Waking Up In Indian Country

-Thriving in Bad Places

-Autumn in a Dying City [banned]

-Winter in a Dying City [pending]

-Harm City to Chicongo [the final Harm City title, pending editorial process]