Post-mortem on Calvinism in the USA

The conservative side of Presbyterianism – the English and Scottish branch of Calvinism – is about to go through a repeat of the early 20th century “Fundamentalist/Modernist” Controversy in miniature, this time over sexual identity and cultural Marxism. The PCA church will split into

We need to ask ourselves why this keeps happening – why a liberal, God-hating minority keeps capturing conservative churches, evangelizing, and destroying them and why liberals keep winning. This has been going on for almost 200 years in the West and 100 years in the United States. Deuteronomy 32:30 provides a clue: “How could one have chased a thousand, and two have put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them,  and the Lord had given them up?” The conservatives never seem to change strategy. They always pass resolutions in hopes that the liberals will give up theirs but never kick the liberals out because they have no stomach for a fight. This time, they’re going to be beaten by a twink like Greg Johnson who is not even really a man. What do you call people, like conservatives, who consistently lose? LOSERS. Why do we lose? We don’t have a stomach for fighting. Why don’t we have a stomach? There are probably many reasons why Deut 32:30 is true of conservatives and we need to repent of all of them. We need widespread repentance of many, many things: our lack of hospitality, our lack of love, our failure to bring our children up in the training and admonishment of the LORD, our complacency, our compromise, our cowardice, our lack of interest in sound doctrine. Our need for repentance is so great and deep that we don’t know all that we need to repent of.

The laity can’t have both cultural collapse and religious collapse (is there, maybe, a connection) at the same time. The elders need to gather together, pray, and repent. Then maybe they’ll be ready to lead us. If this doesn’t happen soon, all the laity will flee to their own tents (2 Chronicles 25:22). We’re not going to follow leaders who can’t find a way to win much longer.

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