Secularism, Paganism, and the idea of a Christian Society

I’m reading <a href=” “>Pagans and Christians in the City</a> by Steven D. Smith tracing religious culture wars from Antiquity to today. Smith posits that the culture wars today have always lurked in the background and we’re seeing a resurgence of paganism after the decline of Christianity.

The Left sees the culture wars the inevitable march of Progress from religious superstition to atheistic rationalism. Of course, they’ve ended up in the ditch of scientific denialism with the gender and sex wars. Homosexuality is not race; sexual orientation is largely mutable and homosexuality is a major fitness hit. The Left is also saying you can be a different gender than the sex between your legs and on your chromosomes. I won’t get into the sexual revolution of the ’60s, Roe V. Wade of the ’70s, the Pill and the rest other than to say that the Left’s public morality is the outworking of their pagan religious beliefs.

On the Right, we seem to be dismayed at the Left’s Long March Through the Institutions. This, however, is just a Pyrrhic victory for the Left mainly because they do not have kids. As should be obvious, the only way the Left sustains itself is by co-opting other people’s children. This is why they’re so concerned with education/indoctrination. Secularization is not increasing. Based on the Left’s religious fanaticism, you can even argue it’s in full retreat.

The question then is not whether the world will be favorable to people of faith but whose faith will prevail. Some men argue that we should forget about “Christendom” altogether but this fails to acknowledge that a Christian society is an inevitable result of the difference in birthrates between Christians who do not practice infanticide and pagans who do. There is also endless friction in “pluralistic” societies that can only be resolved by everyone practicing the same blend of paganism that Roman subjects practiced (Mithraism, Greco-Roman diety worshp, etc) or by making the society monoreligious or by reconstituting classic liberalism as advocated by Locke and several of the Reformers. I don’t see the latter happening since classic liberalism was, to a large degree, a compromise reached between factions that were simply tired of fighting by the end of the 30 Years’ War.

My own view is that we need to lay the foundations for a new society built on the ruins of this one. The pagan religious fanatics, armed against their own wombs with the Pill and Abortion, are dying out. This will inevitably leave room for some form of Christendom barring the days of Noah where wickedness increases greatly and hardly any Christians are left, but we don’t know if that will happen in the near future. Wickedness seems to wax and wane throughout the centuries, but they still march on.

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