Insurgencies already a reality in the United States

After 9/11, the massive security and intelligence apparatus that failed to predict both 9/11 and the collapse of the Soviet Union was turned on global Islamic insurgencies. After this happened – you’ll notice – Islamic insurgency because more of a problem: we’re everywhere so Islamic insurgents felt they needed to be everywhere also, particularly in hotbeds of jihad like Mesopotamia where ISIS began. We also increased Islamic immigration, setting the stage for future Islamic insurgencies in CONUS. The Bawstun Bombers and Representative Omar are just the beginning. While we were distracted overseas, domestic insurgencies sponsored by Latin America and China expanded like wildfires at home. H. John Poole explains this in two of his books written in the Aughts: Homeland Siege, and Tequila Junction. He repeated his warnings about the Chinese in Sinoland.

Given Poole’s excellent research and his popularity among military and Federal security agents who form the tip of the spear, you’d think our security apparatus would be focused on the threats he identifies. Instead, it’s focused on Dread White Males (DWMs). I think the reasons for this are several. They are discontent and therefore a source of insurgents. They also tend towards outrageous acts of leaderless insurgency which make for bad press that cause the voters to scream “WON’T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!” They are also potentially easily-monitored using the unconstitutional bulk data collection apparatus we’ve set up over the past 17 years. Most DWMs spend a lot of time on their cell phones and on the internet. It’s their primary form of communication. You can collect intel on them without leaving your office chair.

Whatever the reasons for focusing on them, the best way to combat DWMs is by policies that shore-up the family and wages: stop forcing young men entering the work force to compete with foreigners. Make divorce rare so young men have a father at home to teach them the basics of life and young men know that when they marry and have families, their families and wealth won’t be stolen through a state-sanctioned divorce process. Married men with jobs, families, and bills can’t go a-viking. Instead of doing this, our elite – and therefore security apparatus – appear to be doubling-down on the failed policies of the past several decades which have weakened not only men and the family but also state legitimacy. Bronze Age Pervert explains this in his response to Michael Anton/Decius Publius Mus. DWMs, which where barely a problem before, will become a serious problem in the future if we keep headed in the same direction. Does the United States need more insurgents in addition to the thousands of street gangs, cartels, Triads, Islamic insurgents, and Chinese double-agents? (More on this shortly)

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