Abortion Hearing in California and the Two Kingdoms

Remember the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress? The creators are being tried criminally:

When Daleiden and Merritt began releasing their videos, there was public uproar, which was partially responsible for the election of President Trump, as well as the ending of much of Planned Parenthood’s government funding.  These videos clearly capture Planned Parenthood employees breaking federal law, which prohibits the sale of fetal tissue for profit.
But somehow Planned Parenthood workers have never been prosecuted. Instead, the two people responsible for making the videos were charged in state court for violating California’s laws against wire-tapping. This week was their evidentiary hearing—where the State shows their evidence to a judge, to demonstrate they have met a burden of proof to go to trial.
While the trial hasn’t started yet, this whole legal process has proved to be a huge mistake for Planned Parenthood, as it has already produced one insanely embarrassing revelation after another for them.

Pay attention to this case. If Planned Parenthood prevails, it will be a dangerous omen for the pro-life movement. A Planned Parenthood victory would indicate that the highest levels of American government and law enforcement take direction from a political organization, and that they are willing to use law enforcement to stifle opposition. The horrors of the modern abortion industry are possible only because they are covered in darkness. Strangely enough, this hearing is bringing many of them to light.

This is outrageous. Crimes are exposed and those who exposed the crimes are being tried. Does the Bill of Rights mean anything? Darryl Hart quotes HL Mencken to remind us that minorities have never had rights in the United States, which should make us all skeptical of State power generally. It’s also helpful to remember, as Darryl and Jesus remind us, that the Kingdom of God is not of this world but rather within our hearts and is mostly invisible. Even many churches – which are supposed to be visible manifestations of the Kingdom – are “synagogues of Satan.” Earthly governments also belong to Satan’s kingdom. Ours is no different, as the use of State power against the Center for Medical Progress demonstrates. Even Satan answers to God, though, and governments are put on earth to restrain evil (Romans 13). What a mess. It’s good to know this all works out in the end.

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