The “Uniform” Code of Military “Justice”

“When the wicked come to power, the righteous hide” – Proverbs 8:28

Here’s how you’re treated by NCIS if you’re an enlisted man:

Sixty days after opening their investigation, on June 20, 2018, NCIS agents came to Eddie’s work and handcuffed him, and interrogated him for seven hours without legal counsel. In the meantime, Andrea said more than 25 agents raided their home when only their two sons, aged 8 and 18, were home.
“They proceeded to lay siege to our home like we’re members of the f-cking cartel. I was not present, they had seven to eight black vehicles that they unloaded 25-plus NCIS agents, kitted up, in full militia riot gear with assault rifles. They blocked off our entire street. It was a spectacle,” she said.

Here’s how the officers responsible for the USS Fitzgerald collision in which several AMERICANS died are being treated:

Navy Times obtained a letter to the family of one of the sailors drowned in the disaster and it indicated that Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson was dropping charges against the Fitz’s skipper at the time of the collision, Cmdr. Bryce Benson, and the tactical action officer, Lt. Natalie Combs.

Of course, no treatment by NCIS is as bad as the treatment Gallagher received by his own team mates:

A former Surface Warfare Officer, Parlatore plans to personally cross-examine Naval Special Warfare Operator 1st Class medic Terrance “TC” Byrne; SEAL snipers SO1 Dalton Tolbert, SO2 Joshua Vriens, and SO1 Dylan Dille — now a civilian — plus one of their junior officers, Lt. Tom MacNeil.

So Gallagher’s accusers aren’t Hispanic: they’re all white dudes. Keep this in mind if you’re ever tempted to be a white nationalist. The defense asserts that the accusers lied to the command in the first place about Gallagher and then, when they found out Gallagher was going to be prosecuted, realized they would face perjury charges if they didn’t take the stand against him.

Why the government (NCIS) is prosecuting this case so aggressively after its special investigator and prosecutor have been found engaging in misconduct is even more telling. Comparatively, the officers responsible for the deaths of enlisted sailors in our recent surface ship crashes have gotten-off pretty light, don’t you think?

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