The Two Kingdoms

CR Wiley has a good explanation of how to live a quiet, peaceful life. It’s tempting to think we can “win back” America or the West but the Bible offers no such promises. You still want to live a meaningful, ethical, pilgrim life hence the need for Wiley’s book. Be careful not to become a Dominionist in the process. This guy is right: most of what is sold to us as “the good life” is a lie. It’s sold to us by many people, but tragically by many clergy and people in the church. The church has a big problem distinguishing God’s kingdom which is visible only in the church with man’s kingdom which is common and visible. The two are not antithetical but they are definitely not to be mixed. Mixing the two has been a disaster for both the church and the state: it has made the church a compromising, supplicant of the state and culture while demanding more from the State than it can provide while elevating it to a godlike status. All the while, the church has adopted more and more of the culture. Ever wonder why an Evangelical church is run like a modern corporation instead of a church? Two-kingdom confusion. Ever wonder why unbelievers are so cynical about the CHristian church? The church has confused the two kingdoms in embarrassing and awful ways.

If you want to go further in depth on the Christian doctrine of the two kingdoms, the Lutherans are (unsurprisingly) getting it right far more often than evangelicals or Calvinists.

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