Papers from Chengdu Early Rain Church

Remember to pray for Chinese Christians. They are in a very similar situation to the Huguenots between 1500-1700. Chinese Christians are less than 10% of the Chinese population. The same was true for the Huguenots in France. Louis XIX, a wicked man, hounded most of the French Protestants out of France and then repealed the Edict of Nantes. I think Chinese Protestants will leave China if God doesn’t intervene because conditions make it almost impossible for Chinese Christians to meet in secret, unlike the French Protestants 500 years ago. This is happening around China and is not limited to Chengdu. Another church in Beijing is being shut down because the pastor wouldn’t allow the government to install cameras in their church. There are also traitors among the Chinese Christians who deserve your imprecations. The “pastor” addressing the government is explaining the government’s goal: bring every Christian under the lordship of the government’s “3 Self Church,” but only Jesus is Lord. No earthly government has the right to regulate the Christian church in ecclesiastical matters or matters of doctrine.

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