Aaron Renn on Dean Abbott’s podcast

I started this blog in part so that younger guys can benefit from the lessons I learned the hard way. Today, young men get almost no good advice from their parents and grandparents and all the guardrails of society have been torn down. Life for young men is like driving a high mountain pass at night in the snow with severe – even deadly consequences – for failing to stay on the road. If anyone can learn from me, this blog will have succeeded. People generally do not take advice so I try not to give it unless asked. The internet is kind of a different case: people are on it looking for advice, hence this blog. If more young men manage to succeed, I will be less alone in my efforts to raise a family and have fun with friends. A rising tide raises all boats. What I tend to see most often is groups of unsuccessful men giving each-other advice and reinforcing each-other’s failures and inaction. This is cynicism. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

Aaron Renn has had a very similar experience to mine though I was raised in a Christian home and have only been married once (thank God). In this episode of Dean Abbott’s podcast e describes his approach and enterprise his “Masculinist Newsletter.” One thing he has challenged me to do is stay positive and control what I can. My circle of control is very limited: myself and my family. I have some control over what I do at work because I’m good at it and a respected contributor, though even there what I am asked to work on is the result of broader forces in MegaCorp and the economy. Like the Joker said, “We’re all trying to control our own little worlds.”

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