The Executioner

The ZMan has an intriguing post calling for more capital punishment and expounding its numerous benefits. As a Californian, I can confirm the need for it. Here, the violent and reckless are on a circular conveyor belt through our “justice” system which is resulting in the deaths of Americans like Kate Steinle and even police officers. El Chapo is making a mockery of our “justice” system by asking for a new trial rather than hanging by the neck until dead. He will likely continue to run his criminal organization from prison for the next 10 years until his appeals are exhausted. Then he’ll enjoy 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayer dime reminiscing on the good old days. I fail to see how Mexicans are entitled to due process in the United States at all, especially when they’re here illegally. The God-given, unalienable rights affirmed by our Constitution are benefits for citizens.

God ordained government to keep order by being a terror to wrongdoers through use of the sword (Romans 13). One of the best God-given means of keeping order is capital punishment (Genesis 9:6). Government is supposed to punish criminals with an eye for an eye – a concept known as the Lex Talionis. This is the bedrock upon which government legitimacy rests, in fact.

The ZMan touches on another very important reason for regular and frequent capital punishment. When the violent procreate – and women find violent men very alpha, I assure you – they make our culture more violent and stupid which requires more resources to police. The violent felon down the street from me has 5 kids with many different women.

Lack of capital punishment is only one driver of a society’s intelligence. Darwinist human anthropology blogs would have you believe that IQ is gained over the millennia as Nature selects-out the stupid, though they also admit that civilization itself has a huge effect. We see with our own eyes that the latter (civilization) dwarfs the former (nature) in its effect on IQ and that huge changes can be seen in a single generation. When the Anglo-Americans invaded Texas, they planted more crops, harvested more cotton, and had more children than the Spanish had done in 200 years. This was repeated in California. The results were American Texas and California. California is now a leading example of the process in reverse. For a generation, we’ve imported a foreign population and given it a lot of welfare. In my father’s generation, California had some of the highest test scores and some of the richest people on average. Two generations later, it has some of the lowest scores in the nation and half the nation’s welfare recipients. Meanwhile, the native population failed to have any kids at all. This is now repeating on a national scale. Culture, therefore, might have the largest effect on IQ and its effect is rapid – almost as rapid as war.

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  1. The typical criminal’s short attention span alone dictates that the whipping post used quickly is more deterring than a capital punishment long-delayed by endless appeals. Even for severe crimes.

    Have you heard of vibrant teenagers who simply accept that their fate is to end up in jail? My personal theory is that’s a result of the punishment being so separated from the crime that the lower-intelligent have trouble connecting the two. The result is learned helplessness.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

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