Does the tech industry ruin cities?

Seattle, home to Amazon, is dying. So is San Francisco. Both are major tech hubs. Tech brings an inflow of cash that is siphoned-off by bureaucrats and used to keep bureaucrats busy managing vagrants and dope fiends. As more money is spent on vagrants, more come. Seattle is spending at least $1 billion per year on homeless, and unsurprisingly, has a huge homeless problem. San Francisco is spending about $500 million and is also a huge tech hub. Tech workers are mostly bleeding heart liberals with more money than sense. They can write software, but they can’t manage their personal lives nor do they get outside their bubble enough to be competent voters. As tech bubbles collapse cities, there will be fewer cities. This is probably a good thing. Ultimately, the Clinton Archipelago is doomed unless its residents take a big, hard turn to the right.

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