Trans-national 4th Generation Forces

John Robb coined the term “Global Guerrillas” at least 12 years ago as a way of describing trans-national 4th generation forces. These are groups of people motivated by a common cause that isn’t subordinate to a national government. The causes are economic, religious and ideological and are as diverse as man. This phenomenon is expanding from the Global South (the Third World) where states are weak and corrupt to the developed world through immigration, trans-national crime and a supra-national elite.

One recent example of this spread of 4th generation forces is the “Economic Freedom Fighters” in South Africa. They are a Marxist black nationalist group that still blames white Dutch settlers for all their problems. I won’t bother refuting this since the usual source of a man’s problems can be found in the mirror. The EFF is a lot like the Marxist revolutionary groups that operated in Latin America and Africa in the 60s and 70s during the period following the collapse of European colonialism, so we can say that this wave of Marxist 4th generation insurgency is in its 6th decade with no improvement in sight for the people it’s claiming to help. The EFF doesn’t care. Marxism is really about power. To expand their power, they are employing a basic strategy: sow discontent and covetousness among more people. In this case, they’re expanding their franchise to Liberia. Strategy is connecting to as many centers of gravity as possible while disconnecting your enemy from as many as possible. On a basic level, all they’re doing is connecting centers of gravity.

The Suidlanders should learn from the EFF. So far, they’ve been an exclusively white Christian group. There’s nothing wrong with this but half of their problem is other whites: the liberals. Their own race by itself cannot be a center of gravity. They need to look around Africa for like-minded people in a similar situation. Are there such people? There are: Nigerian Christian farmers. “Boer” means “Farmer,” doesn’t it? The Nigerian Christians have lost 100,000 people to Muslim jihadists over the past decade. The Boer has lost roughly the same number of people to black Marxists. Why not work together? The Boers could help the Nigerians with firearms, radio techniques, and publicity. The Nigerian farmers could speak the truth about the EFF and ANC to other South African blacks to sap support for these Marxist black groups. The Nigerians could also provide manpower. At a minimum, both groups could pray for one-another.

This type of cooperation would be mostly based on one of the oldest forms of primary loyalty: religion. I agree with Bill Lind that the emerging era is looking like the 14th century described by Barbara Tuchman in “A Distant Mirror.” Back then, your primary loyalties were broadly religious to Christendom in opposition to Islamdom. They were also regional rather than national. There’s a lesson here for the Globalist Daviosie. They are not aware that in undermining national borders and culture, they are creating a world in which they are in extreme danger. These globalist elites were not raised in the slums of Calcutta or in the opium farming region of Sinaloa like El Chapo. They are not hard men who can defend themselves with their wits and their guns. They need to be defended by the apparatus of individual nation-states. They can hire mercenaries, but over time, these men tend to follow other men who are good with guns like Erik Prince. Men won’t die for Zuckerberg, though they might work for him if they’re paid well and the risks are low. The pay is always much better in the service of El Chapo, though the risks are much higher. Either way, these hothouse flowers of the global Davos-set are in for a rough future.

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  1. I suspect the recent New Zealand mosque shooters are such transnational guerrillas, although you described the phenomenon better than I can. It’s always a mistake to believe your faction’s propaganda, although that obviously doesn’t end your usefulness to them. Might even enhance it depending on one’s view of disposable minions.

    About the white Africans, I have no idea why they don’t already cooperate except that the Church is dead. Religion has been a powerful nucleus for action throughout white history, which helps explains why Godless whites today want to erase their own history and posterity.

    “Primary loyalty”, perfect way to phrase some thoughts I’ve been having about why whites are so bitterly divided today.

    Heck, many would-be allies in North America despise me for continuing to live in California. But a couple have come forward to help my recent efforts to leave so it’s not all pessimism. I’m still here mostly because there’s nowhere to go. Congress is poised to go Full Retard Glorious Revolution the moment Trump is gone.

    1. We don’t really know what happened in NZ, only what was presented publicly. The explanation in TR episode 12 is the best I’ve heard. If the attacks were really motivated by the stated reasons of the shooter, it’s a disaster on a moral level.

      The Western church and all its subsidiaries appears to be dead or at least 10% of its former size which puts Christians in the same position as the Huguenots between 1500 and 1700. The conservative Boers are hoping for some sort of awakening by their liberal cousins. This is never going to happen. They’ve been given over to their blindness.

      It’s not at all clear that moving out of California will do much good in the long run.

    2. BTW, I saw a Mexican the other day driving around with a Mexican flag and a California flag on stands in the bed of his truck. It was a naked declaration of secession. White coast liberals fly the California flag and the rainbow flag. Any way you look at it, alternative primary loyalties are shifting. Even ifa Democrat is elected president next time, the Chinese, Mexicans, and liberals have their own plans for California. California elites are increasingly Mexican and Chinese, neither of which are loyal to the USA. The new head of CalPERS, the nation’s largest public pension fund, is Chinese and worked as a fund manager in China before taking his current role. I don’t see California staying in the union. Polls in 2016 showed that 35% of Californians want to leave.

  2. Agree that California wants to secede when the welfare money stops but if the rest of the USA allows that to happen then they’re no better. (Many of them also want California to secede because, I guess, Magic Dirt.) I’m poised to live with the Mexicans if that happens… there’s worse fates.

    I hate what’s happening. So obvious, so avoidable, but every last single warm body with any kind of authority is treacherous or gutless. To the very last one.

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