Lift Weights and Learn Combatives

A retired Oregon cop on James LaFond’s blog describes the mindset of big-city East Coast police. He explains the need for combatives training. James LaFond’s book “The Violence Project” provides the best roadmap for finding real combatives instruction. I supplement his advice with a recommendation to lift weights since strength is worth about a judo brown belt. Cops who lift weights agree with this advice. If I had to pick one thing to do first, it would be to lift weights. It’s much easier to find a barbell and some plates than find a martial-arts coach with real street violence experience. If you’re a young, unmarried man, muscles put you far ahead of your peers with the ladies. They are biologically hard-wired to find healthy-looking, muscular men attractive since it indicates you can procreate and protect. Former athletes are usually good providers too. As the cop on Johnny Pain’s blog explains, there’s less need to escalate to deadly force the bigger and stronger you are. For civilians, this is even more true since you’re not wearing a blue uniform. Solving problems with the minimum of force is the best, most-legal way to go. Further, what if you’re in a situation where you’re not legally allowed to carry or even own a gun, much less use one? You’re not absolved of your duty to protect yourself and others in this situation. Lift weights; learn combatives. Guns for show, knives for a pro.

Aaron Renn on Dean Abbott’s podcast

I started this blog in part so that younger guys can benefit from the lessons I learned the hard way. Today, young men get almost no good advice from their parents and grandparents and all the guardrails of society have been torn down. Life for young men is like driving a high mountain pass at night in the snow with severe – even deadly consequences – for failing to stay on the road. If anyone can learn from me, this blog will have succeeded. People generally do not take advice so I try not to give it unless asked. The internet is kind of a different case: people are on it looking for advice, hence this blog. If more young men manage to succeed, I will be less alone in my efforts to raise a family and have fun with friends. A rising tide raises all boats. What I tend to see most often is groups of unsuccessful men giving each-other advice and reinforcing each-other’s failures and inaction. This is cynicism. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

Aaron Renn has had a very similar experience to mine though I was raised in a Christian home and have only been married once (thank God). In this episode of Dean Abbott’s podcast e describes his approach and enterprise his “Masculinist Newsletter.” One thing he has challenged me to do is stay positive and control what I can. My circle of control is very limited: myself and my family. I have some control over what I do at work because I’m good at it and a respected contributor, though even there what I am asked to work on is the result of broader forces in MegaCorp and the economy. Like the Joker said, “We’re all trying to control our own little worlds.”

Does the tech industry ruin cities?

Seattle, home to Amazon, is dying. So is San Francisco. Both are major tech hubs. Tech brings an inflow of cash that is siphoned-off by bureaucrats and used to keep bureaucrats busy managing vagrants and dope fiends. As more money is spent on vagrants, more come. Seattle is spending at least $1 billion per year on homeless, and unsurprisingly, has a huge homeless problem. San Francisco is spending about $500 million and is also a huge tech hub. Tech workers are mostly bleeding heart liberals with more money than sense. They can write software, but they can’t manage their personal lives nor do they get outside their bubble enough to be competent voters. As tech bubbles collapse cities, there will be fewer cities. This is probably a good thing. Ultimately, the Clinton Archipelago is doomed unless its residents take a big, hard turn to the right.

The Executioner

The ZMan has an intriguing post calling for more capital punishment and expounding its numerous benefits. As a Californian, I can confirm the need for it. Here, the violent and reckless are on a circular conveyor belt through our “justice” system which is resulting in the deaths of Americans like Kate Steinle and even police officers. El Chapo is making a mockery of our “justice” system by asking for a new trial rather than hanging by the neck until dead. He will likely continue to run his criminal organization from prison for the next 10 years until his appeals are exhausted. Then he’ll enjoy 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayer dime reminiscing on the good old days. I fail to see how Mexicans are entitled to due process in the United States at all, especially when they’re here illegally. The God-given, unalienable rights affirmed by our Constitution are benefits for citizens.

God ordained government to keep order by being a terror to wrongdoers through use of the sword (Romans 13). One of the best God-given means of keeping order is capital punishment (Genesis 9:6). Government is supposed to punish criminals with an eye for an eye – a concept known as the Lex Talionis. This is the bedrock upon which government legitimacy rests, in fact.

The ZMan touches on another very important reason for regular and frequent capital punishment. When the violent procreate – and women find violent men very alpha, I assure you – they make our culture more violent and stupid which requires more resources to police. The violent felon down the street from me has 5 kids with many different women.

Lack of capital punishment is only one driver of a society’s intelligence. Darwinist human anthropology blogs would have you believe that IQ is gained over the millennia as Nature selects-out the stupid, though they also admit that civilization itself has a huge effect. We see with our own eyes that the latter (civilization) dwarfs the former (nature) in its effect on IQ and that huge changes can be seen in a single generation. When the Anglo-Americans invaded Texas, they planted more crops, harvested more cotton, and had more children than the Spanish had done in 200 years. This was repeated in California. The results were American Texas and California. California is now a leading example of the process in reverse. For a generation, we’ve imported a foreign population and given it a lot of welfare. In my father’s generation, California had some of the highest test scores and some of the richest people on average. Two generations later, it has some of the lowest scores in the nation and half the nation’s welfare recipients. Meanwhile, the native population failed to have any kids at all. This is now repeating on a national scale. Culture, therefore, might have the largest effect on IQ and its effect is rapid – almost as rapid as war.

Conquering Modernity reviews “Man of the House”

This is a great review of CR Wiley’s “Man of the House” from a unbeliever who is obviously successful and masculine (deep voice, bearded, broad-shouldered). Mid-way through the video, he discloses that CR Wiley is actually a Christian pastor and then says that he wouldn’t have picked up the book if he’d known its author was Christian because of all the cuckery and garbage he’s read by other Christian pastors.

Aaron Renn makes the point all the time that men are becoming disillusioned with the church partially because the advice they’re getting about women and life from pastors is either non-existent or doesn’t match reality. I found this to be true myself. I had to listen to Tom Leykis to understand women and de-program myself from my Evangelical pedestalization of women. The more I inverted the Evangelical pedestalization, the better I did with women, especially Christian women. Its almost like there’s something biologically common about attraction among all women haha! I discovered the “no female friends” rule from Masculinist #3, the hard way.  I had to explain it to my wife when we were dating since she suggested that we just be friends after becoming a bit wary of some of my many shortcomings.  The result? 13 years of marriage and 3 boys.

Is there a better way to deliver advice to Christian men than Tom Leykis or some of these pick up artists? I hope so, but for now I’m going to refer my boys to some of the reformed pick up artists like RooshV when the time comes since I want to have grandchildren. I guess we should ask pastors Anthony Bradley’s questions. Do you want to continue failing men? Aren’t men a “mission field” just as much as women, or “minorities” or rich urban hipsters?

Decline of the nation-state system: Brazil

Goodwhytes in the West whine about guys like Rodrigo Duterte and Bolsinaro failing to understand that the government’s main job is to keep order. In fact, most of a government’s legitimacy hinges on its ability to keep order. Dictators may be bad, but they’re better than anarchy. In Brazil, they have anarchy decades after the end of their military dictatorship. Leftists have been running the country for the last two decades. They’ve banned guns. They’ve enriched themselves. Now the country has a higher murder rate than Syria and gun violence everywhere. Leftists fail to understand that people don’t care about arms restriction laws in places like Mexico and Brazil because they care more about living.

Trans-national 4th Generation Forces

John Robb coined the term “Global Guerrillas” at least 12 years ago as a way of describing trans-national 4th generation forces. These are groups of people motivated by a common cause that isn’t subordinate to a national government. The causes are economic, religious and ideological and are as diverse as man. This phenomenon is expanding from the Global South (the Third World) where states are weak and corrupt to the developed world through immigration, trans-national crime and a supra-national elite.

One recent example of this spread of 4th generation forces is the “Economic Freedom Fighters” in South Africa. They are a Marxist black nationalist group that still blames white Dutch settlers for all their problems. I won’t bother refuting this since the usual source of a man’s problems can be found in the mirror. The EFF is a lot like the Marxist revolutionary groups that operated in Latin America and Africa in the 60s and 70s during the period following the collapse of European colonialism, so we can say that this wave of Marxist 4th generation insurgency is in its 6th decade with no improvement in sight for the people it’s claiming to help. The EFF doesn’t care. Marxism is really about power. To expand their power, they are employing a basic strategy: sow discontent and covetousness among more people. In this case, they’re expanding their franchise to Liberia. Strategy is connecting to as many centers of gravity as possible while disconnecting your enemy from as many as possible. On a basic level, all they’re doing is connecting centers of gravity.

The Suidlanders should learn from the EFF. So far, they’ve been an exclusively white Christian group. There’s nothing wrong with this but half of their problem is other whites: the liberals. Their own race by itself cannot be a center of gravity. They need to look around Africa for like-minded people in a similar situation. Are there such people? There are: Nigerian Christian farmers. “Boer” means “Farmer,” doesn’t it? The Nigerian Christians have lost 100,000 people to Muslim jihadists over the past decade. The Boer has lost roughly the same number of people to black Marxists. Why not work together? The Boers could help the Nigerians with firearms, radio techniques, and publicity. The Nigerian farmers could speak the truth about the EFF and ANC to other South African blacks to sap support for these Marxist black groups. The Nigerians could also provide manpower. At a minimum, both groups could pray for one-another.

This type of cooperation would be mostly based on one of the oldest forms of primary loyalty: religion. I agree with Bill Lind that the emerging era is looking like the 14th century described by Barbara Tuchman in “A Distant Mirror.” Back then, your primary loyalties were broadly religious to Christendom in opposition to Islamdom. They were also regional rather than national. There’s a lesson here for the Globalist Daviosie. They are not aware that in undermining national borders and culture, they are creating a world in which they are in extreme danger. These globalist elites were not raised in the slums of Calcutta or in the opium farming region of Sinaloa like El Chapo. They are not hard men who can defend themselves with their wits and their guns. They need to be defended by the apparatus of individual nation-states. They can hire mercenaries, but over time, these men tend to follow other men who are good with guns like Erik Prince. Men won’t die for Zuckerberg, though they might work for him if they’re paid well and the risks are low. The pay is always much better in the service of El Chapo, though the risks are much higher. Either way, these hothouse flowers of the global Davos-set are in for a rough future.

The Coming Crackup of the US IV

Last time, we studied the Olivet Discourse and learned that it is the way of seeing not only the destruction of the temple in AD 70 and the Day of Judgment, but a recurring, intensifying pattern throughout these last days between his first and second coming. This is called a telescopic prophecy: for a prediction that comes true repeatedly at increasing scale and intensity. This is obvious because the Earth’s population is larger, more wicked, and has more technology to engage in destructive and sinful acts than ever before. Two modern examples of widespread destruction are WWI and II which were possible because of technologies that enabled wars that circled the earth.

Jesus says there are visible signs that foretell these events just like approaching skies threaten rain:

Matthew 16:23 The Pharisees and Sadducees came up, and testing Jesus, they asked Him to show them a sign from heaven. But He replied to them, “[bWhen it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘There will be a storm today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times? An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a [dsign; and a sign will not be given it, except the sign of Jonah.” And He left them and went away.

In Matthew 24, he uses the analogy of the fig tree predicting seasons:

32 “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near;33 so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. 

This is confusing because it also says, “Recognize that He is near, right at the door,” which suggests that the Day of Judgment is imminent when you see such signs, but Jesus also reminds that this is a recurring pattern. It’s like you’re walking through a series of valleys: in the bottom of one, you don’t know that there are others until you walk to the top of the next mountain though the next mountain could always be the last. The signs portend coming judgments which are consequences of acts of iniquity by peoples on the earth. Matthew Henry perfectly explains this in his commentary on Matthew 24

24:4-28 The disciples had asked concerning the times, When these things should be? Christ gave them no answer to that; but they had also asked, What shall be the sign? This question he answers fully. The prophecy first respects events near at hand, the destruction of Jerusalem, the end of the Jewish church and state, the calling of the Gentiles, and the setting up of Christ’s kingdom in the world; but it also looks to the general judgment; and toward the close, points more particularly to the latter. What Christ here said to his disciples, tended more to promote caution than to satisfy their curiosity; more to prepare them for the events that should happen, than to give a distinct idea of the events. This is that good understanding of the times which all should covet, thence to infer what Israel ought to do.

Our Saviour cautions his disciples to stand on their guard against false teachers. And he foretells wars and great commotions among nations. From the time that the Jews rejected Christ, and he left their house desolate, the sword never departed from them. See what comes of refusing the gospel. Those who will not hear the messengers of peace, shall be made to hear the messengers of war. But where the heart is fixed, trusting in God, it is kept in peace, and is not afraid. It is against the mind of Christ, that his people should have troubled hearts, even in troublous times. When we looked forward to the eternity of misery that is before the obstinate refusers of Christ and his gospel, we may truly say, The greatest earthly judgments are but the beginning of sorrows. It is comforting that some shall endure even to the end. Our Lord foretells the preaching of the gospel in all the world. The end of the world shall not be till the gospel has done its work. Christ foretells the ruin coming upon the people of the Jews; and what he said here, would be of use to his disciples, for their conduct and for their comfort. If God opens a door of escape, we ought to make our escape, otherwise we do not trust God, but tempt him. It becomes Christ’s disciples, in times of public trouble, to be much in prayer: that is never out of season, but in a special manner seasonable when we are distressed on every side. Though we must take what God sends, yet we may pray against sufferings; and it is very trying to a good man, to be taken by any work of necessity from the solemn service and worship of God on the sabbath day. But here is one word of comfort, that for the elect’s sake these days shall be made shorter than their enemies designed, who would have cut all off, if God, who used these foes to serve his own purpose, had not set bounds to their wrath.

Christ foretells the rapid spreading of the gospel in the world. It is plainly seen as the lightning. Christ preached his gospel openly. The Romans were like an eagle, and the ensign of their armies was an eagle. When a people, by their sin, make themselves as loathsome carcasses, nothing can be expected but that God should send enemies to destroy them. It is very applicable to the day of judgment, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in that day, 2Th 2:1. Let us give diligence to make our calling and election sure; then may we know that no enemy or deceiver shall ever prevail against us.

Emphasis mine. What are the signs of the times for our own civilization? The most pressing things for our elites are infanticide, normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism even among small children, disarming the population, and starting more wars. This seems to be what much of the upper middle class and lower class wants also. The push for these things is as much from the bottom up as the top-down. Abortion is a form of birth control for the poor and a form of virtue signalling for aspiring-elites. I think it’s fair to say, as do most Christian ministers these days, that the American people have made themselves “loathsome carcasses.” Many will object that only half the population engages in these acts but this fails to appreciate the decadent state of the Protestant Christian church in the US. Protestant Christianity is the marrow of our civilization. The red-state areas I’ve visited, and I’ve been to many, that are still “Christian” are largely only culturally-Christian. This is a great thing since it restrains evil, but it’s not a lasting thing. I estimate that there are fewer than 30 million Bible-believing Protestants who regularly attend church in the US despite the statistics that the country is overwhelmingly Christian. There is simply no proof that we are a Christian country.

Next time, we will think more about the character and quality of judgment and what Bible-believing Christians ought to do in light of it. God has promised to cut the days of destruction short for the sake of the elect as he did in AD 70 and often provides an escape like he did for Lot, the first century Christians, and so many others for the past 2000 years.

Ben Sasse: Evangelical Midwit

My sons go to public school where the parents of most children are liberal white suburban yuppies with disordered private lives. We take turns taking each-other’s children to school. One of the mothers post pictures of herself at the recent Women’s March wearing a vagina hat laced with obscenities about our president. My son will come home talking about what his classmates said about Trump, which is what their parents say about Trump. This is a hopelessly awful thing to burden children with. Nevertheless, it provides an opportunity to explain Romans 13 which says that we must honor and obey all lawful authorities appointed over us unless it means disobeying God. I get to remind my sons that we prayed for President Obama when he was president and I didn’t utter a word against him though I thought he was an enemy of most of what I believe in. I get to remind them that first century Christians prayed for Nero who threw them to the lions and burned them at the stake. I ask them, “How much worse would our rulers be if we didn’t pray for them?” I try to be a sharply-contrasting example for my children compared to these unbelieving parents who exemplify only the palace politics of an empire in its twilight and the mores of a decadent civilization.

In the fray of these politics is Evangelical midwit Ben Sasse. When he was first elected as Nebraska senator, I heard praise from him in even Reformed circles. As he emerged as a leading Never Trumper, I noted that he had done little real work in his life. His resume is a laughable example of bureaucratic non-work – of someone who prefers to be rather than do. Now that Donald Trump is president, Ben Sasse takes often to Twitter to rail against Trump. (You’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong about this since I don’t have a Twitter account). How does Senator Sasse obey Romans 13 if he’s constantly failing to honor the elected president?

Aaron Renn exposes more shortcomings of the man in his excellent newsletter, “The Masculinist (#13):

Sasse does not forthrightly address any of the serious problems facing America’s youth with any proposed solutions that might get him into the slightest bit of hot water. (He did give family breakdown a mention, but did nothing with it). The kids growing up in white working class communities with rampant family breakdown, unstable employment, drugs, etc. have much bigger problems in life than learning how to travel well. Drug addicted parents are injecting babies with opioids to make them stop crying (true story). There’s one woman I know personally who had four kids by three
different fathers, two of whom were brothers. And who went though a significant stretch to drug addiction where she was completely out of the picture while her kids where raised by grandparents. Those kids face serious problems. (Two of them have already had out of wedlock children of their own, one of them already with multiple partners). Similarly, a black teenager in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood faces much bigger problems than his summer reading list.
Sasse, despite all of his pretention to moral superiority, despite his constant anti-Trump preening, despite all of his Evangelical faith, despite being a US senator, is unwilling to stand up in the public square and say unpopular things to confront the serious problems in America, ones not amenable to uncontroversial feel-good solutions like “consume less.”

Now to the meat of his post:

I was speaking with one pastor who is a national council member of the Gospel Coalition. He’s a classic neutral worlder who strongly disapproves of Trump. But he notes that the Millennials in his congregation are in effect Biblically illiterate and have a definition of God’s justice that is taken from secular leftist politics. They did not, for example, see anything at all problematic about Hillary Clinton and her views. A generation or so from now when these people are the leaders, they won’t be people keeping unpopular positions to themselves. They won’t have any unpopular positions to hide. They will be completely assimilated to the world. Only their ethics will no longer be Hillary’s, but the new fashion du jour.
Rather than a mass blowout then, Evangelicalism would thus die from a slow bleed, much as the mainlines and the Church of England did before them. Indeed, today’s Evangelicals are retracing the steps of the mainlines. The parallels with the late 19th/early 20th centuries are there and should be studied. Back then, for example, virtually all of the sophisticated intellectual and cultural types – the cultural engagers of their day – sided with the world and became today’s liberal mainlines. Many of the ones who remained orthodox, like Gresham Machen, paid a huge price for doing
so – largely inflicted by their erstwhile brethren who assimilated. As it turns out, intellectuals are very easy to co-opt with a few trinkets. It looks like it’s happening again. Almost every Evangelical institution I know is explicitly
reformulating itself around secular social gospel principles, even if they wouldn’t use those words to describe it. There will be residual beliefs in place, but over time they could dissipate to nothing. (Remember, the liberal mainlines didn’t go from A to B overnight. It was a long process. For example, earlier this year I read a book by famed early 20th century liberal preacher Henry Emerson Fosdick that contained things so reactionary that even many “conservative” pastors today would be unwilling to write them).
Practically speaking, folks like Ben Sasse might obtain great sinecures for themselves, but they will never effect any real, positive change in the world. And their attractiveness to others will dwindle over time and their Christianity will fade into the background and ultimately disappear. On the conservative side, we already see this happening in the form of JD Vance, a younger guy in the Sasse mold, but one who holds to a curiously vague Christianity. All we really know about his beliefs is that he doesn’t like rural Pentecostalism. The more liberal types are already cultural
epigones. They have nothing to offer the world that I can’t already get in a better form direct from the secular source.

How does this relate to masculinity, you might ask? Again, because embracing a loss of status, saying unpopular things that will get you in trouble – these things take balls.

Sasse is just another example of the uselessness of evangelicalism and how it’s just trending into mainstream SJW liberalism as mainline Protestantism collapsed in the early 20th century into mainstream atheism. It’s good for nothing: salt that has lost its saltiness and must be thrown out. Unless there is an immediate work of extraordinary Providence such as a new Reformation, I wouldn’t expect improvements in the Western church and therefore the West in 100 years. Control and worry about what you can such as how you raise your family and where you go to church. You control very little else.

Digital Privacy

At church this morning, I talked to a former Marine this morning who said that the intel guys used to give arrested Afghans back their flip phones after releasing them because they could activate the flip phone remotely if they knew the serial number of the phone. There is apparently a backdoor even on flip-phones with no iOS or Android, hence the need for a faraday bag.

The response from one bystander was that I was paranoid and had no expectation of privacy. I asked, “What about the 4th and 5th amendments, and if those amendments were void, what about the 1st?” I got some non-response about how everything would be sorted out by God and I should get used to persecution. I replied, “Didn’t Paul use his Roman citizenship to affect the outcome of his own persecution?” Another poor response followed about how things would get worse and worse until the day of Judgment and there was nothing we could do.

The Augustinian and Protestant belief and the teaching of Scripture is that there are two kingdoms: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Man. The former is an invisible theocracy that is “not of this world” as Jesus said to Pilate with a visible component known as the Christian church. The latter – the kingdom of man – is common to all men. The rules in the common kingdom are governed by the light of nature and are also found in the second Table of the Law (Commandments 5-10). The governments of the common kingdom is as diverse as man though divinely-ordained as a matter of ordinary providence to restrain evil. As a Christian, you have obligations to both kingdoms. For this reason, you have a job working with your hands, pay taxes, and obey lawful authorities over you. The obligations of self-rule (democracy and representative republic) are greater because we’ve been given greater freedom to govern ourselves. The greater gifts comes greater responsibility. Under Nero, circumstances for first century Christians were different and Christians expected less from the government and participated less other than to obey the government as far as it meant also obeying God and paying taxes.

Thus the response of these evangelical brothers was hopelessly foolish. If the government or a big tech company is infringing on our Constitutional rights, we have obligations to work with our federal, state and local representatives in a respectful manner for change. Too many Evangelicals have a bunker mentality where they refuse to interact with government institutions other than voting or contributing to the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund. Mostly, their children do not grow up with a saving knowledge of their religion, so they aren’t keeping their obligations to God’s kingdom either. Obviously, this brand of Christianity is wholly unsuited for either God’s kingdom or man’s kingdom. Salt that has thus lost its saltiness must be thrown out.

As an aside, this got me wondering, have American Christians impeded the development of better governance throughout the world by exporting their half-baked version of Christianity which is evangelicalism? We look at Africa and wonder why so many of the peoples and governments are in such disorder, but then we’ve been shipping them the cult upon which they are building their culture for the past 100 years which, coincidentally, was period when the European colonial powers evacuated. There was a period of better evangelism in the 19th century when Anglican and Presbyterian missionaries went to Africa, but that was when it was the white man’s graveyard due to cholera other vector-borne illnesses thus it’s unclear how much high-church Anglicanism and Calvinism penetrated the Dark Continent. Prior to that, we were enslaving Africans and exporting their resources. Other parts of Africa have, of course, fallen increasingly under the Sword of Mohammed. This seems to have happened on the watch of the Western colonial powers also. It has been 60-70 years since the European powers left and I used to scoff at the idea that it was the Europeans’ fault that Africa was so chaotic, but now I think we share half the blame.

Coming back to the issue of digital privacy and a worsening world until the Parousia, I think we need MORE knowledge of digital privacy like the Chinese Christians, rather than less as the ostrich-like evangelical claimed. From what I’ve been reading about latest ChiCom persecution of Chinese Christians, Chinese Christians are are pretty tech-savvy. They used encrypted USB sticks, VPNs, and chats. They probably know when and where they can use cell phones. They probably have some way of storing cash. They might even know how to beat facial recognition by using certain types of face paint or clothing. I told my evangelical brother that we need to work with our representatives to make this type of surveillance illegal. He scoffed at this idea. I suppose that means he has a plan to deal with it if it’s ever used here? Wait, it already is. Amazon is selling facial recognition technology ubiquitously. I hope he’s prepared for persecution that the other brother claimed was inevitable, but he doesn’t even know his Bible.

If there’s any lesson to be learned from this disappointing conversation this morning, it’s that you need to surround yourself with like-minded, thinking Christians in a real church. People who can’t think critically or Biblically are not going to be much use if times get tough.