Bill Lind on 4th Generation Warfare

If you don’t read Bill Lind, you should. He’s a conservative, a Christian, and, ironically, one of the only people who understands how to shore-up the nation-state system begun at the Peace of Westphalia. For ideological and monetary reasons, no one is taking his advice. Ultimately, the nation-state system was possible among European peoples only because of the disciplinary revolution caused by the Reformation. As Western people retreated from their colonies, they left nation-states among the people they once governed and these people have been unable to maintain them, particularly in Africa. India seems to be on a path of more partition. The Islamic states are a mixed-bag but are mostly held together with infusions of Western money for oil in the Arab states or offshoring in the Islamic states of the Indian Ocean. The Phillipines remains Asia’s sick man. China is a vast, highly unstable empire that Xi Xinping appears to be trying to with a velvet glove over an iron fist. His crackdown on Christians, Muslims, and Tibetans will require him to crackdown on everyone else which will backfire.

In the non-Western world, the nation-state is clearly in decline. It is clearly in decline in the Western world as well. The loss of homogenous, Protestant Christian polities in territories ruled as nation-states will cause Western people to assume alternative primary loyalties. The immigrants coming to the West never assumed the identities of their nation-state hosts in the first place.

In the following video, Bill Lind explains warfare in the future and the decline of the nation-state system. I believe it’s accelerating, especially as it runs out of money. Like Lind, I believe states are held-together by money (mammon) and very little else.

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