The Coming Crackup of the US II

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.” Mark 3:24

The Democrats are a coalition of enemies united by a common enemy and by plunder. Raging against the common enemy, white males, generates the election turnout but the effect is plundering the tax-base of white males. Who forms this coalition? Corporations, bureaucrats, feminists, single women, mostly-white homosexuals, mostly-white aging Baby Boomer hippies, their children, and liberal children of conservatives, Latin Americans, Asians, blacks, Jews and Muslims.

Judging by the ethnic make-up of those leading press conferences, this coalition has been led by Jews and whites who know how to work the system and offer handouts and legislation to the right people to get out the vote. The handouts have gone to gays and IV drug users (vagrants) for free medical care and affordable housing, and to Latin Americans and to blacks for food stamps, free medical care, and affordable housing. Latin Americans, Muslims, and Asians have been rewarded with legislation and governance that amounts to open borders. Whenever possible, they’ve weaponized state and federal agencies to coerce counties, cities, and organizations and individuals who don’t go along with their program. This has had the effect of growing the non-white component of their voting base while diminishing their enemies. California, which elected Ronald Reagan, is now only 35% white conservative and all white conservatives are talking about leaving. The shift in demographics, however, is going to be a real disaster for the leaders of the rainbow coalition of traitors.

For example, Jews and homosexuals march in favor of Muslims, but when was the last time you saw Muslims at gay pride parades? Remember the Orlando night club shooting where a Muslim G4S employee shot about 70 homosexuals? Gays and Muslims are on a collision course of epic proportions because gays have loved to push their agenda on children in the public schools but Muslims will refuse this. I expect increasing violence by Muslims against gays and for Muslims to thwart the gay and transgender agenda when they increase in power.

Muslims are also virulently anti-semitic. The first thing the latest crop of Somali Muslim congresswomen did when taking office was discuss divestment from Israel. The Israel Party has always been Republican evangelicals and Jewish Democrats. With the decline of both and the increase of Muslims, the United States’ support of Israel and Jewish influence in the Democratic party will expire. Financially, this is bad for Democrats because Jews supposedly account for 70% of the donations to the Democratic Party. Wealth doesn’t survive through the generations, but children do. Jews don’t have children but Muslims do. I expect Jews also to be shoved out of the coalition.

Muslims and feminists are natural enemies, but feminists appear to be alienating everyone. On one hand, white feminists are trying to keep Muslims in the homosexual/women coalition by re-branding the hijab as the new symbol of feminism. This, of course, brings to mind the dictum, “War is peace; freedom is slavery.” I don’t foresee this having much of an effect other than to encourage Muslim men to put a hijab on as many Western women as they can. Opposite these olive branches Muslim men, feminists are using their velvet fists against their liberal white male and corporate allies with the #MeToo movement. Now liberal men all follow the Mike Pence Rule. Liberal husbands are divorcing their increasingly-shrill, angry feminist wives. Women of color seem to find white feminists revolting as well. In fact, a Woman’s March out here was cancelled because non-white women noticed that the Woman’s March was too white. Feminists have committed the classic blunder of attacking their own allies. This is often called “friendly fire.”

Friendly-fire by hispanics is increasing against the Jewish/liberal Catholic coalition in the midterm elections leading to the latter being pushed out of the coalition. For example, California had two Jewish Senators for 3-4 decades. Jewish Senator Barbara Boxer retired and was replaced amicably by mystery-meat Kamala Harris. The feud between Democratic Jewish incumbent Dianne Feinstein and Democrat Kevin De Leon was much more bitter. She promised to resign so he could run for office but didn’t. The California Democratic Party did not endorse her as De Leon ran against her.

Not only are Jews being replaced quickly, but also their Catholic lackies. In New York, AOC primaried Irish-Catholic liberal Joe Crowley. The latter had served all the special interests named above for decades and was supposed to succeed Catholic Nancy Pelosi as house speaker. Instead, he’s in the dustbin of history. Speaking of Pelosi, she’s either going to die soon or be replaced in her district. She’s not liberal-enough for the crazies in the California Democratic grassroots.

The California Democratic grassroots are separated by age. AOC/Crowley and Feinstein/De Leon beefs are also generational wars. Baby Boomers practice a different type of liberalism than their children. The younger Democrats are totalitarian Marxists of the Frankfurt School type. Aside from the political differences, Millennials and younger generations think their Baby Boomer parents are tone-deaf, disconnected, narcissistic and have practiced a scorch-earth policy towards subsequent generations. Baby Boomer hate is going mainstream and will accelerate when the younger, browner generation realizes we have no money to pay for white Baby Boomer entitlements which amount to $100 trillion.

All of this is bad news for the money arm of the Democratic Party: corporations, corporate billionaires, and the government. The latest liberal Democrat congress is already talking about raising the corporate tax rate that Trump and the Republicans reduced. Some Democrats are talking about raising the top marginal tax rate to 70%. Then there is the Woke legislation on gender, homosexuality, and diversity that makes it hard to do business. In California, Woke legislation that disagrees with federal law combined with the second or third worst business climate in the Union are driving businesses out at an unprecedented rate. The crime, decay, and cost of corporate diversity policies and open borders is making it hard for aspiring corporate officers (middle managers), most of whom are liberal, to establish families.

All of this is happening in good financial times. Unemployment is low and the stock market just had a historic run-up. No amount of wealth is safe from the Dems’ and Repubs’ spending habits though. Truth in Accounting, Pension Tsunami, and the State Data Lab have a mountain of evidence that most public pension funds are deeply underwater and have obligations totaling $4 trillion, roughly the size of our annual budget. Our other entitlements and interest on our national debt amount to $100 trillion. If the Democrats and the nation are so divided in these good financial times, just wait 10 years and another severe market downturn to split these cracks wide-open.

Next time, we’ll examine some possible solutions.

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  1. “Muslims and feminists are natural enemies, but feminists appear to be alienating everyone. On one hand, white feminists are trying to keep Muslims in the homosexual/women coalition by re-branding the hijab as the new symbol of feminism.”

    Islam is peak feminism. It’s everything the female id wants: polygamy, “might makes right” morality, deceit justified by results and so on. Even the hijab is primarily beneficial to feminists. Ugly, bitter women hate the young women swimming in male attention like the hags no longer can.

    The globalists are using Islam to destroy the West; as you say, it’s a matter of common enemies and loot for everybody; but there’s going to be a falling out between the two when white Christians are longer the Poland separating the two evil empires.

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