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(Updated): Legacy Americans are consistently told by our  elite that the United States is a “Proposition Nation.”  The “proposition” is that anyone can come here and be an American by taking a citizenship class and paying a lot of money to the federal government.  Children born on US soil are given citizenship.  Illegal immigrants are “Americans” simply because they’re here and working.  All 3 of these paths to citizenship rely on “Magic Dirt Theory.” Magic Dirt Theory states that people who come here or are born here are just as good as legacy Americans – if not better! – because of their hard work on US soil (for our elites).

The problem with Magic Dirt Theory is that nations are their people, customs, language and borders, not their foreign wage slaves, invaders, or foreign children.  The real reasons Magic Dirt Theory has been foisted on us is that it benefits the elite in many ways.  The first reason is that it keeps wages low.  This is evident when you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data.  The bottom three-fifths of wage earners haven’t seen a pay raise in 20-30 years.  Wages for the top fifth have skyrocketed.  Not only do immigrants keep pay low, but they have very little legal recourse with their employers and can be dumped off onto the taxpayer should they be fired or make too much trouble at work.  Employers also don’t have to ensure that they behave after hours.  Immigrants also reliably vote for the leftist Permanent Government, but both Republicans and Democrats love them.  They have bipartisan support which is why our immigration laws are never enforced.  They also drive up property values and thus taxes on Americans who actually pay them.  There are so many reasons the elite love immigrants and hate legacy Americans that it could fill a volume.  Indeed, volumes have been written on this topic.

These new “Americans” don’t identify as Americans, in my experience.  The Asians, at best, refer to themselves as “Asian-American,” or “Korean-American” or “Hindu” or “Muslim.” The Latin Americans usually refer to themselves as “Mexican” or “Guatemalan” or whatever their country of origin and often with a gang affiliation like “White Fence” or “Florencia 13”.  When you ask new Americans if they’re American, they usually just say they have US citizenship.  Due to the pernicious doctrine of multiculturalism, they are not expected to assimilate and due to the death of WASP culture, there’s no culture for them to assimilate into.  Self-identification is also shifting in liberal white “Americans.”  Out here, they fly the California flag or the rainbow flag rather than the American flag. I’ve heard their children say, “I’m not an American, I’m a Californian.”

Meanwhile, legacy Americans are consistently told we’re racist, Nazis, lazy, drug-addicted, “bitter clingers” and that the United States is a multicultural society, not a plurality of united cultures.  Clinging to traditional American assumptions like religion and guns is even considered unpatriotic.  We’re supposed to be “global citizens” which sounds an awful lot like the global proletariat Marxists used to write about.  The elite have made very clear that the United States is not for us, regardless of what we or our fathers have done to till its soil, build its infrastructure, and fight its wars.  I count myself in the “legacy American” category.  My grandfathers fought the Nazis in Europe.  Both were wounded.  One spent 7 months in a POW camp in the East until he was liberated by the Russians who – thank God – didn’t ship him to the gulag as they did to millions of Easterners and German POWs.  Now, it seems, I am a Nazi for thinking and looking like my grandfathers.  What a reversal since 1945!  If the elites believe I’m Not An American, maybe I should emulate these newer, better Americans and stop identifying as one.  I took an oath to God to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  The Constitution has real meaning.  I never took an oath to be an “American,” which now has no meaning in a country held together only by a government system of lawfare and economic activity.

There are many benefits to disconnecting yourself from an identity that no longer fits.  Remember, Boyd said that strategy is disconnecting your enemy from its centers of gravity and connecting to your own, and “… people are most important, ideas come second, and hardware is only third.”  What shall we be?  If you’re a Christian, you already have an identity and American Christians have foolishly identified themselves far too strongly with their nation-state identity.  Christians in America can be thought of as subset of the larger legacy American identity.  I’ve heard Americans refer to themselves as “Amerikaners.”  Simply “Americans” might do.  When I’m asked by a new “American” what I am, I just say I’m an American.  The implication to them is that they’re not and they know it.

The question of identity is taking on some urgency in the twilight of both our republic and the nation-state system.  Once you know who you are, it becomes easier to decide where you should be and what you want.  Pilots use this format when making initial contact with a tower or approach:  who you are, where you are, and what you want.  This sounds a little like Boyd’s “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA).”  We’ve gone one cycle through the OODA loop in this installment and have tried to get a better understanding of ourselves which is the hardest thing.  In the next installment, we’ll try to understand our adversaries’ rainbow coalition and the assumptions it rests one and how it’s due for a spectacular and hilarious crack-up.  Then we’ll close with a conservative vision for the future that really conserves something.


Masterpiece Cake Shop owner Jack Phillips has been called a Nazi even though his father fought the Nazis:

His own government has denigrated his beliefs. One Colorado official who decided his case said that religious freedom is a “despicable piece[] of rhetoric” that slave owners, Nazis, and people like Jack use to “hurt others.” ( The reference to Nazis was particularly painful for Jack, whose father served in World War II and helped liberate a concentration camp.


Decline in the Fall (or Late Summer, Anyway): by Fred Gibbon

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