How did American Protestantism die?

We look at mainline Protestant denominations nowadays and wonder how they became so pagan and homosexual. At the outset, when it wasn’t too late, conservatives tried to do something about theological liberalism but were betrayed by the moderates who didn’t want to rock the boat. More and more, I realize moderates are not my friends.

J. Gresham Machen, one of the few who took a stand against liberalism, was eventually defrocked by the mainline Presbyterian church (PCUSA). He started the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1936. Chances are you’ve never heard of this denomination of 55,000 people. It only has a small fraction of the people who originally composed the PCUSA which was the largest denomination for hundreds of years. King George III even believed that the American Revolution was essentially a presbyterian revolution.

This is relevant to people who say we need to turn back the clock or become what we were to recover our civilization. If you’re a Protestant conservative nowadays, and you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re surrounded by moderates who just want to enjoy the decline. If these people can’t take a stand on matters of eternity now, there’s no chance they’ll take a stand with you later should there be widespread persecution or some other calamity similar to Rome’s collapse in 420 AD.

I recommend finding people who think the same as you both theologically and politically sooner rather than later.

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