Your Second Vote

Business used to be about profits.  Now many corporations have become so profitable by eliminating barriers to entry that they’ve turned to moralizing.  This has happened through State Capitalism, defined by Lind as

 capitalism where cozy relationships between business and government change the basis for a company’s success from building a better product at a lower price to getting special deals from government.  Also known as “rent seeking”, state capitalism leads to ever-larger and more powerful corporate entities because the bigger a company is, the more money it has to give to politicians, and the more money it gives to politicians the less appetite the government has to rein in bad corporate behavior.  State capitalism leads to a society with a tiny, super-wealthy elite and an even-poorer middle class.  This is what the “yellow vests” in France are protesting, in what I think is only the beginning of a powerful political movement.  There is an alternative to state capitalism: not socialism, which impoverishes everyone, but a regulated market that has strict limits on scale.  Most finance, production, and consumption should be local.

If it’s not obvious already, you should be giving your money to local family-owned businesses as far as possible.  Every chain restaurant, aside from Chik Fil-A or In ‘n Out burger, is owned and run by State Capitalist conglomerates who use their profits to enslave you through legislation and the legal system.  Use your boycott while you still can.  This works.  Dick’s Sporting goods is having to re-purpose parts of its stores used for hunting because hunters won’t shop there anymore after Dick’s took a stand against the second amendment.  Firearms manufacturers also severed ties.

If you can’t, at minimum, boycott corporations who try to enslave you, how will you mount a greater resistance to Plantation America later?  Use your second vote.

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  1. This importance of denying Pantsuit businesses you dollar can’t be understated. They have to be starved across the board. This covers the full spectrum from Big Soy to Big Silicon Valley.

    Get you email off Google. Let your Friends know Facebook isn’t cool anymore with ample MySpace comparisons. Don’t let Amazon take your money. Keep your own blog the center of your online presence instead of subordinating your own platform to a hostile Silicon Valley social media garden like Facebook or Twitter where the censors will bury you.

    Found your blog reading Lafond. Keep up the good work.

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