The Death of Western Christianity

The theme of this blog is “faith, family, survival” because man requires such things in that order to thrive rather than merely exist until untimely death.  I write about faith because the decline of the West has correlated almost perfectly with the decline of Christianity in the West.  Without faith, there can be no family.  We see this already: divorce rates are over 50% and half our children are bastards.  Without family, there can be no survival, even on a local level.  Family is the basic building block of society.

Culture therefore ultimately depends on the cult, which is why the word “culture” contains the word “cult”.  The struggle in our society today is over what will take the place of the cult of Christianity.  This is the reverse of the transition to Christianity from the first century onward.  When Christianity arrived on the scene in the West in the early first century, Greek philosophical traditions were in deep decline and urban Greco-Roman life was brutal.  Christianity eventually provided an attractive alternative for reasons to be explored later.   Now that Western Christianity is dying, no dominant philosophy is taking its place except for Frankfurt School cultural Marxism, which is really an ideology based on turning reality on its head. As the remaining Western Christians die of old age and our numbers drop precipitously, our post-Christian society will likely become a brutal cauldron of paganism, Hinduism, Islam, cultural Marxism and ultimately tyranny.

Patrick Sookdheo, who is not a Westerner except by training, has written an excellent book on Western Christianity’s death, the implications of this death, how Western Christians can start being Christian again, and what to do if there is no revival.  The book is available here.

Pray hard for a new Reformation.

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