James LaFond reviews FerFAL’s “Modern Survival Manual”

I read this book about 12 years ago during the Minority Mortgage Meltdown of 2006 when I realized the United States is not being run for Americans nor are things going to get better.  There are many parallels between the United States and Argentina.  FerFAL’s book is one of very few in this genre that give accurate survival information.  For example, he pours cold water on the idea of a rural bugout.  Instead, he says that things will go on as before, just worse.  You will need to use your personal network to provide safety from criminals and extract yourself from entanglements with the government which doesn’t do much about the criminals but grows more rapacious.  Bad times have a way of bringing out the worst in bad people, so know and surround yourself with good people.  He also discusses finance: how to store money when the banks have become unreliable and inflation is so bad you can’t store wealth in the local currency.  He wrote this before cryptocurrencies existed.  I think stablecoins may offer some alternatives to storing wealth as gold.

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