Vindicae Contra Tyrannos

One of the things I learned in reading Kit Perez’ excellent “The Basics of Resistance” is how much resistance depends on ordinary resistance in small things.  Evil should always be resisted, whether it’s from the government or corporations or private persons.  Resistance is not a set of ideals but a set of exercises.  It is the exercise of natural rights extending from natural law against people or groups trying to suppress them.  If we cannot cooperate and engage in lesser forms of resistance, we will not be able to cooperate and engage in greater forms.

For example, Big Tech is trying to eliminate the First Amendment by controlling channels of communication which we’ve grown to depend on for the past 10 years.  Big Tech can easily be resisted because there are no laws requiring us to use social media.  Big Tech should be resisted for many reasons besides its suppression of free speech.  For example, social media distracts us from accomplishing anything in real life or talking to our neighbors and friends which, at the very least, allows us to gather actionable HUMINT.  Before Twitter or even the Internet, we were much better at communicating with our neighbors by inviting them over to barbecues, helping them paint their houses, and talking over the fence with them.  Unsurprisingly, we were much better at cooperation and our government reflected this.  We got things done on our own so we didn’t ask the government to grow larger to take care of us.  Our kids played at each-other’s houses so we didn’t ask the government to provide after care at the local public school.  If we can’t wean ourselves off Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google, how are greater forms of cooperation and resistance possible?

Are you afraid of HR? You know, free speech dies at work.  Many of us now have lunch or hallway conversations looking over our shoulders for some aggrieved minority who will report us to HR.  If we can’t stand up for our rights to HR, how much less will we stand up to Hitler? And why are we so dependent on large, Orwellian corporations for our employment?  What happened to small business creation?

Are you exercising your rights to free association and peaceable assembly?  We’re still allowed to go to church unlike in China.  The common men who fought the Revolution were very religious, meaning they attended the same church every Sunday and knew their Bibles which helped them know their rights and exercise them.  They formed local militias and committees with men they knew their entire lives.

What about voting? Are you voting?  Our elections are only partially free but not all of them are rigged.  Perhaps many of them at the local level are completely free.  It turns out your local school board election is really important.  A lot of the crime coming into your city might be due to the fact that your local city councilwoman is importing vagrants from around the state in exchange for donations to her favorite charity.  Your local district attorney determines how state law is applied to you should you have to defend yourself against the vagrants your city councilwoman is importing to invade your home.  If we can’t get good people elected locally and local officials are needed to resist bad state or national officials, why worry about the rest?  Why worry about national gun laws if the local DA will charge you for carrying a butter knife for self-defense?

Speaking of self-defense, I have a friend who lives out in the country near a decent fishing river.  Meth-head vagrants have started living across the river which is usually low enough to cross.  One has started living in nearby bushes.  “Why don’t you tell him to leave?” I asked.  I say this after finding out experimentally that criminals would rather not deal with steady pressure from local homeowners.  He looked at me annoyed, “Naw, man, I work two hours away. If I piss them off, they might come back in a larger group.”  “Huh,” I said, as if to acknowledge a good point.  But I wondered how he was going to stand up to more serious criminals or a Gestapo if he can’t convince these petty criminals that his area is a bad place to live?  Don’t worry, though, when the Revolution comes, he owns an AR (that conforms to ever-tightening state regulations)!  I can’t see how he or any of us will resist tyrants if we can’t resist dope fiends invading our backyards.

What about our families?  Almost every philosopher of every faith or tradition has agreed that the family is the basic building block of civilization.  If ours are coming apart, how will we have the support we need to play IRL Call of Duty come The Revolution?  How can we preserve our way of life if we’re failing to raise our kids?  How will our local prepper group respect us, if our wives don’t?  How can we cooperate on greater levels if we can’t cooperate on a family level?

These are questions I intend to explore in upcoming articles.  As a leading-edge Millennial who was raised by diligent parents who brought me to church and are still married, I still feel like I’ve had to learn everything from scratch.  We have lost all our traditions [L. traditio = hand down] and so no knowledge is being handed down to the next generation and our civilization is dying.  Since this website is a “vanguard movement of Western civilization,” let us begin with ourselves and practice the small-but-important things in the hopes they will lead to greater things.

Will Durant said that civilizations begin in stoicism and end in epicureanism.  We see the latter every day, complete with public orgies found in ancient Rome.  Can our destruction be far behind our decadence?  We may not be able to preserve the United States.  In fact, I think it is near its end.  We can recover our traditions and preserve our way of life, or at least try.  How?  I’ve become convinced that the United States began with good Americans.  In one sense, there were never golden years to look back on because “former days were not better than these” (Ecc 7:10).   However, even secular historians such as Durant and many of our Founding Fathers agreed that civilizations die in licentiousness.  Civilizations follow an arc of birth, life, and death and most indicators point to our death.  If this is the case, we should look forward to rebuilding and we can start with ourselves.

Most of my writing will focus on the moral and mental levels of resistance because there are already enough writers addressing the physical and tactical levels which are not my area of expertise.  But keep reading: Bill Lind frequently reminds us that mistakes on moral/strategic and mental/operational levels nullify victories at lower levels (tactical/physical).  What about the spiritual level? Christian theology recognizes three deadly enemies to our souls: the World, the Flesh and the Devil.  We should consequently add a spiritual level and win on the spiritual, moral, and mental levels.


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